Case Study: IGP Powder Coatings - Impression #1

Case Study: More than half a century of know-how under our belt

IGP powder coatings offers high-quality, durable and ecological system solutions for architecture, wood materials, transport and industry.

As a pioneer, IGP Powder Coatings has been at the forefront of the powder coatings industry since it was founded in 1968. It all started with a visionary thought. In order to bring this idea into the future, they searched for a system that could fulfill modern requirements. The web application was getting on in years and was no longer up to date. The increased requirements of the users and the employees should be met and simplified.

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Data model, data preparation and a suitable tool

At the beginning of the project, we recognized three major challenges. Firstly, the large existing data volumes from the ERP had to be integrated into an optimal and expandable data model. Secondly, the data preparation had to be set up in such a way that the customers and employees of IGP Powder Coatings could easily access and maintain the data without any problems. Furthermore, the web application had to provide IGP Powder Coatings itself with an instrument to optimally advise its customers, to simplify internal processes, and to create a basis for the creation of further functions.

Case Study: Nina Kreisherr, Project Manager, IGP  Powder Coatings
"The integration of the PIM with the new website was particularly impressive. Being able to efficiently manage our product data while creating a seamless user experience for our customers is a huge win. By implementing Pimcore, we have increased our efficiency and can now provide product information faster and more accurately."
Nina Kreisherr, Project Manager, IGP Powder Coatings

A Pimcore Interplay

For IGP Powder Coatings, Pimcore was particularly convincing because of its range of functions, user-friendliness and expansion options. During the joint workshops, all ideas flowed together and resulted in an overall picture. Design, as well as the developers, were challenged and outgrew themselves. Sitemaps, wireframes, designs and code were created, exchanged and improved. The result was a project that demanded everything from Pimcore. The interaction of Pimcore PIM, DAM/MAM and CMS simplified the high complexity of the project and allowed us to develop this extraordinary solution.
Case Study: Christophe Rapenne, Project Leader, w-vision
"w-vision has a partnership with IGP Powder Coatings that is built on trust. The innovative power and the will of IGP Powder Coatings will produce a web application that is second to none."
Christophe Rapenne, Project Leader, w-vision

It remains exciting!

The scope of the project offers everything that makes the Pimcore heart beat faster. A small excerpt of functions: Interfaces that allow data to be imported and exported from ERP to Pimcore and vice versa. Comprehensive workflows that guarantee high data quality and involve all departments of IGP Powder Coatings. Data from the Pimcore PIM system can be used to automatically generate versioned data sheets. The same data allows product, marketing and technical pages to be automatically generated. Filter functions help to quickly find product information within the comprehensive product range. The city filter is another way of finding the right powder coating solutions. In a virtual city, various objects can be selected and enhanced with filters. We are proud to hand over a web application to the virtual world that has it all and continues to grow. It remains exciting!

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