Revamped the Website of an Indoor Air Specialist

ionair AG headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products and services in the field of indoor air ionization. The company develops tailor-made solutions for a hygienic and comfortable room climate for its customers.

Business Needs

The products of ionair AG are used in many different buildings, such as hotels and restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, railway stations and airports, industrial plants, offices, sports facilities, and living spaces. The new website was required to match the quality standards of their first-rate products and services and be appealing to potential customers from very different industries. It was supposed to convey the high competence of ionair AG and inspire confidence in their products. The diverse application environments should be clearly visible. Additionally, as the company caters to a vast international clientele, the new website needed to be accessible in five different languages: German, English, Dutch, Japanese, and Russian. It was also hoped that the new website would lead to increased customer inquiries, directly via the website.

Pimcore Solution

„The core theme is consistently conveyed with large-format, catchy slider pictures.“

The entire conception, programming, and web design of the new website were carried out by Pimcore’s Gold partner—Brunner Medien AG. The solution implemented with Pimcore now shows a simple and yet very chic web presence. The core theme «freshness» and «healthy air» is consistently conveyed with large-format and catchy slider pictures. The various application environments of the products are also presented visually in a very appealing way with a combination of photo and white hand drawing. A constantly visible sidebar element invites the user to get in touch and makes it very low-threshold. The overview of various applications in a variety of sectors includes interactive counters that make the company’s extensive experience and the range of possible uses of its products visible, in an exciting way.

The fact that the website is available in five different languages shows that Pimcore does well when it comes to simplicity of translations and can handle non-European languages without any problems. The website could be built and structured in such a way that later extensions (e.g., newsletter automation, location-based marketing, customer data platform or integrated media database) are very easily achievable.

Business Results

The programming and design of the new website was tailored to the needs of the customer. It now appears smart and contemporary, while conveying freshness and quality. It can now be accessed in five different languages without any problems. The sidebar allows quick and easy contact. It is now powerful, easy-to-use website for which further developments are simple to implement.

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