Office supplies online shop with customer-specific prices

Kaut-Bullinger is a German company, was founded in 1794 and sells office supplies in the online store, in physical stores and also does B2B wholesale. The existing B2B shop with a B2C reservation option in the physical stores was replaced with a Pimcore eCommerce solution. The reason for choosing Pimcore was that numerous customer-specific assortments and price calculations were necessary. Pimcore handles such specific use cases very well.

Project summary

The main focus was placed on the office supplies which are sold B2B. A strong link with the physical stores was also established with a reservation feature. Individual product ranges with customer-specific prices can be activated for corporate B2B customers, normal customers and for individual landing pages. Depending on the customer's history and bonus levels, around 8,500 price combinations per product are possible, with around 150,000,000 possible prices which are calculated in this way. Like the previous shop, Kaut-Bullinger is characterized by a high level of customer satisfaction, which the independent rating portal TrustedShops indicates with an excellent 4.79 out of 5.00 points.

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