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Case Study: L’Etoile Changed Business Model from Retail to Marketplace Using Pimcore as a Centralized Storage for Product Information

L'Etoile is one of Russia’s leading retail and e-commerce companies specializing in cosmetics and perfume goods.

L'Etoile merged its product databases from manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce areas into Pimcore to eliminate duplication and make product information easier to maintain. Employees from different departments work with different custom views of information about the same product and do not disrupt each other's processes.

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Customer Key Facts

Bn. Euro Turnover
45 M

Each of L'Etoile's divisions that works with product information has its own needs for building a product hierarchy

Production, the retail division, the e-commerce store, and the L'Etoile marketplace are managed by different divisions. Each division has its own ideas about what the product hierarchy and card structure should look like. Retail has them based on merchandising, while the online division has them based on catalogs and the search structure in the online store. The same product in the merchandising hierarchy can belong to care, and in the online hierarchy it can belong to several categories: women's cosmetics, grooming cosmetics, gifts, etc. Another challenge was that one of L'Etoile's businesses is a marketplace, where the same product can have multiple suppliers. They had to be separated in the system.

Dynamic hierarchies for goods and a different set of fields for different user roles allowed to work only with the information they need

KT.Team suggested using Pimcore as a single database to store product information for all divisions. Together with the retailer and online store L'Etoile, we developed the most complete product card (an average of 144 attributes), which contains all the information needed by all the divisions that work with it. To simplify the departments' work and not to disrupt established business processes, we’ve created dynamic views. Different roles of users see in Pimcore different representations of the same product: a certain set of fields in a certain order, which facilitates working with information about products on the shelf in the store and in the structure of the online store. At the same time, each of the roles can edit only the information that is available to it. Dynamic views are not only pre-programmed. Such a view can be created dynamically when the category, item type, or other information in the card changes, which correlates with the Custom View Perspective parameters.


Duplication of product cards has been eliminated. Product information is more manageable and centralized

Previously information was duplicated in different systems for production, retail, e-commerce, and marketplace. Now there is only one card for one product, which simplifies control over the quality and completeness of product information and eliminates the errors inherent in duplication. Custom functionality allows L'Etoile to reliably identify duplicates of existing product cards when loaded. A report with an indication of likely duplicate cards is generated automatically. Templates were developed for each of the categories of products and all views. They are designed for mass loading. The templates contain co-dependent lists that allow to simplify and speed up initial processing of product information. Within a company, roles are allocated. Each role can work only with a certain part of the assortment and only in certain views. This allows controlling the entry of information so that employees from different departments do not affect each other's isolated business processes.

Key Results

Product attributes
1 667 412
Data Objects
507 000
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