Case Study: Leistritz AG - Impression #1

Case Study: Virtual reality meets real excellence: Digital showroom for Leistritz

Leistritz AG is a specialist in high-tech solutions in turbine, pump, extrusion, and production technology. The company's innovative solutions and products are successfully in use worldwide.

In uncertain pandemic times, Leistritz AG needed an innovative presentation method for its complex products and services. With four business units at 17 locations and customers in 23 industries, Leistritz was looking for a digital solution that would map their extensive range of products and services and also had to be usable for the still uncertain yet important trade fairs. As a result, they commissioned us to develop a virtual showroom.

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Virtual voyage through the Leistritz cosmos

The challenge was to create a digital presence that, on the one hand, provides an adequate representation of the company and, on the other hand, also presents the diversity and innovative power of Leistritz products and services in an appealing and informative way. For this, we had to create a virtual environment that arouses the curiosity of visitors and actively invites them to discover and explore the different aspects of the company.


Comprehensive but cost-efficient thanks to Pimcore

For the conceptual and visual design of the rooms, we relied entirely on Pimcore. What background does the room get with the machining tools? Which products do we present on the topic of grinding - and how? On a pedestal or a presentation surface? An explanatory video for the lathes? Sure, that would make sense. And, of course, there needs to be a contact person everywhere. How can all this be realized? Conceivably simple, thanks to the smart Pimcore CMS. Because when the tool you use is perfect for such demanding tasks, the job is fun - and our client is happy about the fast and cost-efficient implementation of a project that offers its customers actual value.


Fascinating possibilities …

Leistritz's virtual showroom shows that a digital trade fair presence only has few downsides compared to a real booth. It resembles a small adventure trip, a quest with a lot to discover - with joy-of-use and informative content. Here, the visitor has the opportunity to enter different virtual rooms, the starting point being a room with a welcome desk, a video in the background, a brochure stand in front of it, and a terminal to visit the stations of the showroom by clicking. The overview is used for further navigation - through a themed world from drilling to milling. In the individually themed rooms, visitors can expect, for example, 3D models of products, videos on the respective innovations, a clip with a presenter or expert, brochures, pictures, and texts of all kinds - and this also far beyond the duration of the trade fair.

Key Results

Increased Website Visitors
Trade Fair Flexibility

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