A Timeless Design Using a Unique Pool Planner Online Tool

Marling AG plans and implements private swimming pools, whirlpools, heat technology, pool covers, and all kinds of water experiences and is both a consulting interface to architects and construction experts and a solution partner. The goal is to realize modern prefabricated pools affordably even if space is limited.

Business Challenge

As the previous website was simple and outdated, it urgently needed to be made more visually appealing. Since the sale of a pool can become very complex, it was always difficult for the customer to explain the many interrelationships online in a comprehensible and tangible way without disregarding important components of the project's planning and configuration. 

Pimcore Solution

For the web design, we used expressive pictures that arouse the desire for the pool season. To enable the customer to flexibly assemble his website himself, the solution was implemented with the modular web component system of Pimcore, and for the pool planner, the flexible PDF component was used. The planner not only generates e-mails, but it also generates a project summary in PDF format. During implementation, both a simple light version and a comprehensive, individually configurable expert solution was implemented based on a prior needs analysis.

Business Results

In addition to the timeless design, the customer benefits from an advanced online tool for planning private swimming pools. Thus, Marlin AG has a new convincing website but has also digitalized one of its most important services.
Customers can use the integrated pool planner to inspire themselves or directly compile their desired pool online. For Marlin AG, this offer is not only an inspiring marketing instrument but also a decision-making aid for customers, simplifies preliminary clarifications, and partially automates project planning.
This did not completely replace the individual customer advisory service, but Marlin receives important preliminary information to be able to conduct a convincing and competent initial discussion. On the other hand, the architects and builders also receive all the relevant information they need for the construction of a pool.

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