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Case Study: A central system architecture with PIM/DAM for several publishers under one umbrella brand

Mediengruppe Deutscher Apotheker Verlag consists of publishers such as S. Hirzel or Franz Steiner for specialist media in the fields of medicine, natural sciences and humanities.

The platform approach here is the key to a sustainable web architecture in the publishing sector. At the Mediengruppe Deutscher Apotheker Verlag, we rely on the technological basis of Pimcore for product data management and processing using DataHub and Shopware as e-commerce solution. This enables all the individual publishers within the group to use synergies and at the same time to implement individual requirements visually and procedurally.

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The idea of an architectural approach that scales with each additional publisher's shop

This extensive project was triggered by the need to centralise all publisher's metadata in one place and to make it editable for all systems and output channels. In this context, the idea came up to design the implementation of the system for product data management for all publishing brands under the same umbrella brand in the same step for reasons of efficiency. This quickly led to the idea of developing not only the PIM but also all other systems for optimised total cost of ownership (TCO) on the same basis. A further requirement in this project was the search. From a technical point of view, it had to be very performant, and from a functional point of view, it had to be developed in a particularly intuitive and convenient way.

The solution in the form of a single instance of Pimcore for PIM / DAM

The PIM fulfils the task of comprehensively enriching product data. The integrated Data Asset Management (DAM) is used to manage image data such as book covers and media such as tables of contents and samples. The data structure of this publishing case involves a certain complexity with analogue and digital products ranging from printed hardcover non-fiction books to magazine series and electronic publications. All data fields are mapped, from the ISBN number, the edition, page numbers, page format dimensions to reviews in the trade press. Likewise, relations of products to authors or also to book or journal series are stored. The DataHub aggregates data from PIM + DAM and delivers it - as a separately configurable data stream for each output channel - to webshop, eLibrary and others. For this purpose, we have implemented connectors to the Shopware API as well as the connection to the subscription management for magazines.

High speed in the shop functionalities as well as the further development in the project

Within one project, the parallel implementation of a PIM and the relaunch of a publisher's shop could be completed. After the first go-live of a complete brand solution, the Franz Steiner Verlag, the shop for S. Hirzel Verlag was added to the same infrastructure in less than 6 months. Particularly noteworthy is the high-performance and flexible search based on the Elasticsearch technology. With a specially developed extension, the system provides filtered results based on various search criteria (e.g. book names, authors or ISBN). These can also be selected retrospectively according to individual aspects (year of publication, language, etc.). The connection to the eLibrary, which enables e-book downloads in real time, also delivers high performance.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
reduced Cost of Ownership
Time saved in data maintenance

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