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Case Study: Level up on efficiency and structure

Meno Group is the first and largest purchasing cooperative for independent traders specializing in hardware, tools, DIY, and household goods in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The primary objective was to consolidate and organize data from a vast and continually expanding product range. Pimcore serves as the central application, facilitating the import of substantial data volumes, enabling Meno to effortlessly present this information to group members in an optimal format for data integrity. Workflows ensure data accuracy by incorporating validation steps and generating comprehensive reports for data completion.

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Customer Key Facts

800 000

Nailing a streamlined data management with +800 attributes

Meno receives product information from diverse data sources, each with its own format and varying levels of quality. A critical step in their process involves seamlessly importing these different data files into a centralized system. This centralization facilitates the enrichment of data and enhancement of data quality. Only after reaching an acceptable quality level, product data should be shared with the Meno Group’s members. This product information serves as a crucial added value for associated members, empowering them to make informed choices from Meno's extensive product portfolio.
"Pimcore allows us to give more structure to our incoming data. This allows our end users to make optimal use of all specifications within their projects (web shops, offers,...)."
Danny Libot, IT coach, Meno Group

Crafting clarity with name-based import

Studio Emma embarked on a meticulous data analysis mission to architect an optimized data model for Meno. Wrangling the vast product range and copious attributes required the construction of well-organized "object bricks." The journey included guiding Meno through the process of "Data Normalisation", preventing the chaotic reuse of product attributes. Adding a touch of DIY flair, Studio Emma introduced a feature allowing users to upload .xls data sheets based on column names rather than column numbers. This not only boosts flexibility for manual importing but also renders numerous import profiles obsolete. To empower Meno's data manager, Studio Emma implemented a user-friendly workflow. This system enables real-time monitoring of data imports' quality. Through the addition of workflow notes, the manager can strategically guide the team's actions to enhance data quality for specific products. Custom reports offer a snapshot of this ongoing process.
"Meno's data team can now concentrate on maintaining high standards, thanks to streamlined import processes, organized workflows, and custom reporting. This ensures precise tracking of progress and reliable data quality. Additionally, the implementation of GraphQL lays the groundwork for effortless future connections with members."
Lien Lemberechts, Business Development Manager, Studio Emma

Pimcore: Meno's toolbox for improving data quality

With the streamlined import of extensive product data, Meno's data team can now dedicate more attention to enhancing data quality. Leveraging the workflow features in Pimcore, they can easily identify products that require review, and monitor their progress through custom reports aligned with the workflow. As they export product data for member use, they have increased confidence that the data quality aligns with the necessary standards. The flexibility provided by the Pimcore GraphQL endpoint configuration positions them well for future connectivity, ensuring seamless access to qualified product information for any Meno member.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance
Data Objects

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