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Moderna Products is a manufacturer of smart plastics for your pet based in Izegem (Belgium) with a 2nd  manufacturing site in Gaffney (USA). Soul for your pet, combined with the agility to quickly adapt in this fast-paced society, is core to the Moderna products’ DNA. Smart logistics, lowering the ecological footprint in a plastic consuming world, and giving back to society are a handful of examples that embodies that DNA. In extension to this, it was time to overhaul their digital experiences.

Business Challenge

While personal and offline communication between the Moderna team and their customers is very strong, this didn’t translate into the digital medium. Therefore, Studio Emma was consulted to bring the Moderna online platform into a new era.

The main business goals were focused on helping their distributors in leveraging the Moderna brand by offering:

  • A completely new website that embodies the Moderna soul in alignment with their other communication channels.
  • Exclusive download access for partners to high-quality assets to spark higher engagement between consumers and products of Moderna.
  • Integration with the Moderna order platform to provide one single point of contact for partners.
  • Consolidation of product information to deliver consistent data across multiple mediums.

Pimcore Solution

With Pimcore in our toolbelt, we offered a solution that could cover all the business goals. Next to that, we could convince the client that Pimcore provides a foundation for matching digital needs in the long term.

Diving into the specifics, we could provide an answer to business goal 1 - the new website -  by making use of the CMS in combination with the PIM and DAM. What makes Pimcore stand out, in comparison with other PIM solutions, is that experience management intertwines with the company’s core product information and digital assets. This strength holds a great advantage since it indefinitely reduces the cost of integrating multiple platforms.

While having a new website accounts for better brand visibility, it had to do more than that. Partners of Moderna are in demand of having high-quality product assets. The solution of using Pimcore’s customer management framework with the native features of the DAM covered this need. In short, partners with an account on the website can now download images and datasheets in multiple formats for their marketing purposes.

In an extension to that, partners can now make use of their website login to access the Moderna order platform. To enable this integration, we interface with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to import partners. From there, Pimcore takes over in terms of password management and authenticating the partners on the SAP order platform.

All of this combined makes the new Moderna platform a single point of contact for partners and a great online extension of the Moderna brand towards end-customers.

Business Results

A lot of ground was covered by implementing Pimcore as part of Moderna’s technical architecture in totality.

First of all, the online experience delivery towards partners and end-consumers is now in harmony with Moderna’s offline communication. This enforces brand cohesion and an overall improvement in the customer’s experience.

For their partners, Moderna went the extra (s)mile by providing access to personal pricelists, marketing material, datasheets, sales contacts… by providing one single point of contact. Partners are now empowered to do more with less effort.

As an indirect result of the website overhaul, Moderna now enjoys one single source of truth for managing product information, digital assets, and the online experience, which automatically reduces the time to market new products as a whole.

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