Future mobility

MOIA has been Volkswagen’s urban mobility concept since 2016. MOIA and elbkapitäne created a new digital platform for the launch in Hamburg in 2019. It got a facelift in 2021.

Since MOIA stands for the latest technology, such as autonomous driving, the website is at all times, state-of-the-art. The launch in Hamburg should get people enthusiastic about a product that needs a little explanation and make them go try out MOIA. Not only were passengers needed, but so were a large number of qualified drivers. It was time to give the website a new look and feel.

Customer Key Facts

Daily Users

Scalable platform.

Both technically and conceptually, we have created a scalable platform that can grow with the corporate startup. In addition to the classic target groups B2C and B2B, there is still a large focus on B2D (Business to Driver). In Hamburg alone, there are a large number of driver positions to be filled. A task that has primarily been solved via the new website.

Personalized. Localized.

Using personalization and localization approaches, MOIA engages its users digitally and invites them to shape the future of mobility together. Together with the MOIA design team, we took the high quality of the MOIA shuttle and translated it into a clear digital design language. We accompanied the facelift technically in the frontend and backend.
"The MOIA website is an exciting project for me because we have to meet high marketing and design requirements. Pimcore offers us many opportunities to try out new things and make the team happy."
Frederike, Projekt Manager Digital bei elbkapitäne

Mobility first. Easy. Transparent.

The shuttle is a shining eyecatcher on the streets, and for most people, it serves as the first touchpoint with MOIA. That's why we developed an animation together with MOIA, which explains the service step by step. The facelift enabled us to take the website to a new level. Using the latest technological effects and interactive presentation methods, the brand has a contemporary and modern presentation style.

Key Results

Increased conversion rate
Daily New Passengers

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