Case Study: Mölndal Energi - Impression #1

Case Study: Mölndal Energi: Revolutionizing Energy Management with Pimcore - Case study

Mölndal Energi, a Swedish leader in sustainable energy, offers 100% fossil-free energy solutions, including district heating and cooling, for homes and businesses, driving a greener future.

Due to the large number of retail customers and contracts, Mölndal Energi needed to change its existing data management system. The solution to this challenge proved to be Pimcore. This time it wasn't a standard implementation - the PIM-class system helped organize contracts, not the products or services themselves. Ideo Software has been a strategic partner in the implementation of the Pimcore platform.

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Customer Key Facts

Mio. Euro Turnover
50 000

Navigating the core business objects

Mölndal Energi was faced with the daunting task of managing a vast and ever-growing pool of customer data. Their challenge was to find a solution that could handle this influx of information and serve as a single source of truth (SSOT) for customer details, contracts, invoices, and more. The goal was to streamline their data management process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in an industry where data integrity is paramount.
Case Study: Geza Csikasz, Senior IT Architect of Mölndal Energi AB
"MEAB is excited to partner with Ideo Software and Pimcore for our sustainable digital platform and is committed to providing world-class customer service and master data services. We aim to grow with our partners and investors in the dynamic digital world and look forward to becoming a digital leader with Ideo Software and Pimcore."
Geza Csikasz, Senior IT Architect of Mölndal Energi AB

Leverage Pimcore's master data platform to improve customer experience

Pimcore's open source master data platform was the perfect solution for the company. Ideo Software customized the robust system to the client's specific needs, with a focus on using Pimcore as the single source of truth for all data. This ensured consistency and accessibility, streamlined the management of customer information, contracts, services, invoices, and meter data, and developed API creation capabilities to enable seamless application connections. This set the stage for future integrations and automation.

Case Study: Łukasz Kobylski, Project Manager, Ideo Software
"The continued cooperation with Mölndal Energi was not only a challenge for us, but above all a chance to show our full capabilities. Instead of focusing on PDM, our work with Pimcore went much further, encompassing comprehensive business data management. It was not only a technological innovation, but also a step forward in thinking about efficiency and data strategy in the energy sector."
Łukasz Kobylski, Project Manager, Ideo Software

Achieve operational excellence and data mastery with Pimcore

After implementing Pimcore's master data management system, Mölndal Energi has experienced transformational results. The company's journey with Pimcore demonstrates the power of effective data management in the energy sector. This has not been a standard implementation of a platform for the management of product data. By adopting Pimcore's innovative solutions, Mölndal Energi has been able to strengthen its customer relationships while bringing order to its internal data.

Key Results

Time saved in data maintenance
Meter Data Requests Per Month

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