Case Study: Moooi - Impression #1

Case Study: Dutch Lifestyle Brand Improves Complete Business Operations by Implementing PIM Solution

For over twenty years, Moooi has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative designs. With their multi-sensorial approach, the lifestyle brand merges the physical with the digital.

When Moooi started to renew its entire online landscape, NOBEARS was asked to realize the PIM system. In addition to the PIM system (based on Pimcore), NOBEARS realized a link with the ESB (enterprise service bus), which ensures that product information can be exchanged both from and to the PIM system. During this process, we worked closely with the web builder and Moooi's own developers.

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Dealing with a huge amount of content

Originally Moooi did not have one central location in which all product information was gathered. Keeping all product data up to date was a time-consuming and error-prone job. The large amount of content includes texts, images, videos, audio files and augmented reality files (which allow you to place an object directly into your living room) and is mainly used for the website. In addition, creating documents such as product data sheets and price lists took a lot of time. The PIM system also helped here. All in all, multiple issues that fit well with Pimcore.

One single source of truth

The PIM system enables Moooi to register all product information clearly and accurately in one place and to keep it up-to-date. The chance of errors is minimised and adjustments to product data are implemented efficiently. With the help of workflows and data quality checks, the proccess of creating and updating products is a piece of cake. The data from Pimcore can easily be used for other communications and channels. Moooi saves a lot of time thanks to the web-to-print solution that Pimcore offers. Based on the available product data, a product datasheet or price list can be printed at the touch of a button, for example per product category or per customer.
Case Study: Ruud van der Velden, Senior developer
"Pimcore's flexible product structure makes it possible to make any product set manageable in Pimcore, regardless of complexity. This fitted perfectly with Moooi's challenge and the solution we had in mind. In combination with workflows and data quality checks, Pimcore offers a total solution that we enjoy working with."
Ruud van der Velden, Senior developer

Pimcore saves us at least 50% in time

Pimcore makes it possible to update and amend product data on a central location. Moooi used to update product data in more than 5 different systems, and even on the output documents themselves. In the current architecture all product data is coming from Pimcore only, which makes it less prone to errors, and they have to change data only once. This required a bigger investment of time initially, given the complexity of the product portfolio, but on the long run it saves Moooi at least 50% in time.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Time saved in data maintenance

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