Case Study: Exponential Acquisition Rate Growth Thanks To Pimcore

MVK Insurance is a long-standing insurance company with an over 100-year lasting history. The steady growing company from Karlsruhe is trusted with the insurances of over 100.000 associates and generates more than 27 Mio. Euros per year. The MVK offers a varied insurance product and service portfolio to its customers.

Business Needs

Digitalization and automation are business-critical challenges heading into a still successful future. The existing web presence was visually enhanced, handling, and functionality heavily improved to meet current user expectations.
The goal was, and still is, to garner many customers' attention as possible and provide easily understandable processes for every customer to take out insurance policies faster and simpler than ever before. The complete business processes had to be digitized to abandon labor-intensive manual processing of application forms.
To ensure further success, greater acceptance of these processes and participating systems over the complete application acquisition and processing was required from the customer and the employees themselves. This affected all steps of the process: starting with the search for insurance products and services, to the capturing of required data, transparent visualization of key product data, the application itself, right up to the automated application processing in backend systems.

Pimcore Solution

Complete editing of the whole web presence to provide a better overview of products and their features. A new and structured web presence was created and completed with corporate design with the help of Pimcore. This enables the independent maintenance of editorial content, including updating product-specific content without any additional effort.

Pimcore enables additional functionality

  • Quick extensions to the website to market new insurance products
  • A mobile-first strategy of the complete website and all contents within a single CMS
  • Integrated reporting of important key figures for the entire application processing
  • Integration of geographic services to increase data quality and for customer analysis
  • Session Recording of the CMS to analyze acceptance and user behavior
  • Data processing in conformity with the German data protection act and European GDPR

Business Results

The satisfaction of all visitors and participants were increased by reaching perfect search rankings and with an easy, fast, and responsive application process. This increase can be verified by facts and figures and continuously measured in order to check both existing and new products on the market and their acceptance more easily and quickly.

It is possible to introduce and offer new products with a shorter time-to-market period. Automated processing of application forms reducing manual interventions within the whole process. This automated processing is also used for other partner portals and therefore lowers the overall overhead, complexity, and required maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

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