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Case Study: Online Health Services for My Nutri Clinic

Graduated from the University of Liège (Belgium) in 2006 and a gastroenterologist in 2012, Floriane Ausloos is passionate about hepatology and nutrition. She worked as a gastroenterologist for 5 years, then she quit her activity following a move to the United States in January 2019. Now, Floriane offer her services on her brand new website.

The client needed a new website to highlight the latest training she has taken in the field of wellness and healthy eating. To fulfill its request and allow greater visibility of its offer, we have set up a time slot reservation system for dietetic consultations. Ms. Ausloos having recently moved to the United States and wishing to offer her services in Belgium, a complete digitalization of her offer to be mandatory.

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Remote Work as new trend

Since Ms. Ausloos is located in the United States, the bulk of the work was to enable her to efficiently manage her offer, maximum visibility and the possibility of performing the services sold remotely. All centralized in a single platform: Pimcore. So, on the one hand, we had the obligation to create a simple site, making it easy to understand the range of services (4 different). The services are: - a free consultation (call offer) - a pack for new customers - a follow-up pack - consultations on demand On the other hand, once the customer has purchased a service, it is necessary to plan the management of the realization of this service. Remember, Ms. Ausloos is located in the United States, but provides this service especially to Belgian users. Time zone management was also a challenge.

Easy handling of orders and consultations

Indeed, we decided to go on an object management for the reservations and the consultations to be carried out by Mrs. Ausloos. In this way, in the back office, Mrs Ausloos can easily see what orders have been placed and what consultations still need to be carried out with her patient. Thanks to these Pimcore objects, she keeps track of all actions carried out on her site when she performs her services. She can easily know where she is, what she can charge, what she still has to plan, ... In conclusion, the solution was "simple" in our eyes: turn everything into an object, link them together if necessary and offer a simple and effective view of its orders.

Remote work as easy as if you were present

The solution now provides a common base for taking orders, paying and performing the service with the customer. The fact of bringing everything together in one place allowed Mrs. Ausloos the easy management of her service, even remotely, from the other side of the Atlantic.

Key Results

Increased Website Traffic
Increased conversion rate
Decreased Product Returns
Increased Website Visitors

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