Case Study: Mylocalmortgage Ltd - Impression #1

Case Study: MyLocalMortgage Platform was Re-desinged Using Pimcore

MyLocalMortgage is a quick, easy and free way to connect with a local mortgage specialist. Simply pop in your postcode to see mortgage advisors covering your area, then book a free consultation at the click of a button.

Finding a mortgage can be tricky, they can come with all sorts of complications. Therefore in the UK it is advised that you should speak to an independent mortgage broker to help find the right mortgage product for you. Hamari Agency relaunched the website for MylocalMortgage and helped them migrate away from their wordpress site which was no longer fit for purpose.

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Customer Key Facts

2 000
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Future-ready thanks to Pimcore’s PIM/CMS features

How did Hamari Agency build a website which both met the current feature requirements, and at the same time is flexible enough to meet the future needs of the business? As Hamari Agency is a UK based Pimcore developer and Silver Partner it became clear that this project required a back end that could manage both data and content. There were 2 sets of features which the project would heavily rely upon. The customer management framework would be the backbone of the master data and the content management would be used for managing blogs and guides. The flexible data management feature would allow mortgage brokers the ability to map their data so that users can search by postcode or city location in order to find the appropriate users in their area. These were some of the features we implemented for the application: - Mortgage advisor search using the Elasticsearch database creating a much faster search experience - Simplified call back feature - Advisor admin dashboard


Why use GatsbyJS as a blazing fast front end?

At Hamari Agency we are becoming increasingly interested in the JAM stack architecture. Therefore we used Pimcore as a Headless PIM connected to a static site generator called GatsbyJS via Pimcore’s GraphQL API. The JAM stack ensured better performance which led to us achieving high lighthouse scores. It also means that the site will inherently have higher security as the surface area of attacks is reduced. Lastly, the website will scale easier as the user base grows.



The MyLocalMortgage platform was re-designed using the atomic design principles, creating a vibrant and content-rich platform, consistent with its new brand identity. Lastly, the website was designed to be responsive across all device types. Not only is the site aesthetically pleasing but it is built with robust best-in-class technology which will help the company scale over time and should allow the business to add new features, as the business requires it to do so.

Key Results

Reduced Bounce Rate
+ 20%
Increased conversion rate

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