Case Study: The Largest Regional Airline in Sweden Scales Visitors Count with Fast and Dynamic Web Platform

NextJet is the largest regional airline in Sweden with a route network including 16 domestic destinations, and five international (Denmark, Finland and Norway). The company is based in Frösundavik in Solna Municipality, just north of Stockholm. The company is differentiated through its focus on security, personality and competitive prices.

Business Needs

NextJet needed a completely new website with flexible content management capabilities. In the past, they had used several different platforms and weren’t completely satisfied with them. The main challenge was to create a solution with the most flexible content management as possible, with inheritance and personalization capabilities.

The first requirement for a new solution was the ability to control everything content related with version control and personalization. The second requirement was integration/implementation of their third-party booking- and refund system. And with an average of 100k visitors per month performance and speed for the site was of the essence.

Pimcore Solution

Through consultation from LevelNine, NextJet was advised to use Pimcore’s Content Management System to build a new website that would meet all their requirements.

The final solution consisted of five sites in three different languages – three for sites for external visitors and two sites for internal users. The booking system was implemented directly on the home page through a small window, letting the visitors to quickly choose their trip.

All content creation was set up to be able to have inheritance and personalization capabilities. The website features on-site behavioral targeting. Displayed content is related to the visitor’s geographic location, language, previously visited pages, etc.

Administrators and editors have the ability to create news articles and warning/information messages to display on the banner section of the home page. The refund system was implemented via a simple form and all data sent via a REST API. The solution was setup and deployed with GIT.

Business Results

The end result was a modern, fast, and dynamic website that reflected NextJet’s prominence in the industry. The website was able to produce an average of 100k new visitors per month. With the strong personalization functionality, travelers can quickly choose their trip on the home page, and get viable information and warning messages when for example an airport is closed due to weather. With this convenience and ease of use, visitors are more likely to make a booking which leads to increased revenue for NextJet.

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