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Case Study: Increased traffic and reduced bounce rate

Norstedts is Sweden's oldest publishing house. The publishing house has published 29 Nobel Prize winners and is the publisher of Mario Vargas Llosa, Stieg Larsson, J.R.R. Tolkien, and many more.

Norstedts sought to enhance their digital presence by focusing on showcasing their authors and books online to drive discovery and sales. They needed an easily updatable website to keep content fresh and improve their social and digital media strategies. Recognizing the need for specialized expertise, they consulted Cloudflight (formerly Divante) because of their eCommerce and technical proficiency.

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New book-focused site to enhance discovery and audience engagement

Norstedts focused on their website as a key digital channel, especially vital when their authors appear in media, driving search traffic. They aimed to prominently feature their writers and books online, encouraging discovery and purchase. The website needed to be easy to manage for regular updates on books and authors, while also enhancing their social and digital media presence with high-quality content. This strategy was designed to engage the audience, increasing their time spent on the site and fostering a deeper reading commitment. Norstedts' goal was to make their new site a hub for readers to explore and connect with their stories.

Adopting mobile optimization and digital ads

Cloudflight, eCommerce experts with clients around the world, advised Norstedts to use Pimcore for their website. After a detailed workshop to understand Norstedts' needs, Cloudflight began front-end development and system integrations, including connections to Norstedts' product and author databases. The website, fully integrated with Norstedts' enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, features images, text, and metadata. Designed with a mobile-first approach and compatible with Google AMP, it allows easy access to book information on mobile devices. Additionally, Divante introduced a targeted social media advertising strategy to reach specific audiences.

Digital renaissance: the site's visitors and stayers multiply

Since launching their new Pimcore-based website, Norstedts has experienced significant improvements in their business metrics. They've seen a 27% increase in page views, now reaching 200,000 monthly and 20,000 weekly. The bounce rate has notably dropped from 70% to 50%. There's also been a 15% increase in the number of page views per visit. Mobile traffic has shown a remarkable rise of 34%, now accounting for 45% of the overall traffic, while desktop and tablet traffic constitute 43% and 12% respectively. Impressively, traffic from social media has skyrocketed by 213%, leading Norstedts to become the largest publisher on Facebook.

Key Results

Increased Website Traffic
Reduced Bounce Rate

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