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Since 2020, ocay Autoabo offers the latest form of mobility.

Since 2020, ocay Autoabo offers the latest form of mobility. Thanks to the customizable subscription model, a customer gets a new car with the best features every single year for a fixed price which includes insurance, maintenance, tires, and a registration fee. The only additional cost is fuel, which makes the subscription model of ocay 50% cheaper than leasing a car.

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Data maintenance and attribute administration

The main challenge so far has been the data maintenance and administration of the vehicles and their attributes, from the duration of the subscription to gear and fuel. Due to the great number of attributes of vehicles like subscription type, range of kilometers, vignette, and shipment options, the price calculation turned out extremely comprehensive. To be able to process the extensive amount of data and simplify the order process, ocay Autoabo is now relying on the team of CORS and Pimcore.

Pimcore rules

The new web presence was created by Pimcore and underwent usability changes in comparison to the old webshop. Now all data and attributes are administered by the Open Source Software. By the use of configurations like the range of kilometers, delivery, and license plate, the checkout process has been customized to fit the needs of the product. The easy ordering process is not only convenient for customers, but simplifies the background processes for the team of ocay Autoabo. Sending an automated, styled order confirmation saves time and is a great way of making customers feel appreciated. ocay Autoabo is satisfying the needs of customers as well as their employees with a straightforward way of administering data and orders. CoreShop filtering & index simplifies defining attributes and individualizing products, so they can be used in a variety of ways.

Happy customers, happy employees

With the help of Pimcore, ocay Autoabo has the possibility of automating processes, like marketing, data maintenance, and administration and orders. The new web presence will not only delight customers with a new, modern look and great usability, but also the team behind ocay with simplified options to administer and display data and manage the marketing, as well as a self-explanatory interface for individual adaptations without any programming skills.

Key Results

80 %
Shortened Time to market
60 %
Reduced duplicate data
80 %
Time saved in data maintenance
1 200
Data Objects

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