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Intuitive and comprehensive user experience for Orthomol

Orthomol has been developing and distributing micronutrient combinations for over 30 years. The innovative family-owned company is represented in over 30 countries and has its headquarters in Langenfeld, Germany. 

A user-friendly CMS interface provides the basis for efficient and flexible collaboration within the family business. This led to the requirement for a new, flexible, and intuitively operable DXP system, which covers demanding requirements in the area of personalization, 360-degree marketing, DAM integration, as well as a dedicated rights-role concept.

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As Orthomol attaches great importance to customer proximity and the continuous development of value-added content, a further requirement was to be able to implement future integration projects flexibly by providing a content hub and enabling an easy integration of existing systems. In addition, the customer also wanted to reduce the total cost of ownership by evaluating and switching to an open source system and to avoid risks and dependencies through vendor lock-in with proprietary systems. Orthomol was also keen to have a multisite and multilanguage system, which would allow any number of languages to be managed and added.
Case Study: Nicklas Haberland, Digital Platforms Manager
"With Pimcore, we are positioned to be faster and more flexible, which enhances the user experience on our digital platforms. In doing so, we want to be as close as possible to the needs of our loyal customers and interested website visitors."
Nicklas Haberland, Digital Platforms Manager


To meet the requirements, was migrated from Sitecore to Pimcore. By changing the existing system to the use of a Pimcore DXP and a PIM, a simpler and more intuitive usability and maintenance of the content was ensured. In this process, the Orthomol product data is managed in Pimcore and mapped in a Pimcore data model. In doing so, we make use of Pimcore's flexible options for data modelling and integration with digital asset management. The topic of multilingualism was also addressed. The requirement that information should be separately maintainable for other countries, regardless of language, is met by Pimcore through comprehensive and intuitive operation. Duplicate data storage is avoided through the use of language fallbacks. In addition, all product data for omnichannel use, such as the Orthomol app, is made available via a GraphQL API.


The migration to the Pimcore system enabled a much higher usability for authors in content customisation and a reduced effort for the implementation of new content, as the "what you see is what you get" principle is applied. This ensures an efficient working process, features can be added more quickly and the time-to-market has been reduced. Due to the high interface compatibility and the use of DXP/CMS, PIM as well as Salesforce and Premira, valuable synergy effects could also be exploited. The fact that Pimcore is based on popular open source frameworks such as the Symfony framework enables the solution to be easily maintained in the long term and at the same time counteracts the risk of vendor lock-in. In addition, the migration of an open source software eliminates licensing fees, thus exploiting cost-saving potential and creating an additional price advantage.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Increased Productivity
reduced Cost of Ownership

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