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Phinance Adopts a CMS for Improved Efficiency and Control

The Phinance company deals with comprehensive financial consulting throughout Poland. They have 45 branches where you will meet with full professionalism and experience from their financial advisors., a financial portal, faced challenges with their static approach to content management, resulting in delays and difficulties in keeping their content up-to-date. To address these issues, they decided to implement a CMS system based on the Pimcore platform. The implementation involved analyzing their needs, developing a migration plan, and creating flexible website templates. The benefits of this implementation included easier content

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Overcoming Content Management Challenges: Implements Pimcore CMS, a leading financial portal, experienced a significant increase in the amount of content and functionality on its website. Before the implementation of the CMS (Content Management System) on the Pimcore platform, the portal was based on a static approach to content management. Each change, update or addition of new content required the intervention of programmers, which resulted in long waiting times for even small modifications to be introduced. This limitation slowed down the development of the portal and made it difficult to keep the content consistent and up-to-date.
Case Study: Marcin Kaczmarek, Member of the Board, phinance
"Omega Code Sp. o.o. is a company that has demonstrated top-class professionalism and efficiency in meeting the needs of our company. Omega Code Sp. o.o. they efficiently solved the problems, demonstrating very good technical and communication skills. Projects have always been implemented on time, in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner. "
Marcin Kaczmarek, Member of the Board, phinance

Boosting Content Management Efficiency: : The Benefits of Implementing Pimcore CMS for

In order to improve content management and increase flexibility, decided to implement a CMS system based on the Pimcore platform. Pimcore is a multifunctional open-source tool that offers advanced content management capabilities, PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management). The choice of Pimcore was dictated by its ability to integrate with other systems, adaptability and scalability. The implementation began with an analysis of the needs of and content management processes. The project team, together with the team, developed a migration plan, taking into account the existing content, website structure, as well as integrations with other systems, such as CRM and analytical tools. Content was migrated from the old platform to Pimcore using data export and import tools. After the migration, the project team started to create flexible and responsive website templates for Using the Pimcore interface.

Empowering Content Management: How Pimcore CMS Transformed's Efficiency and Quality

Implementation of the CMS on the Pimcore system brought many benefits to, which influenced the effectiveness and quality of content management: Easier content management: Thanks to Pimcore, the editors of gained a simple and intuitive interface for creating and editing content. Independence from programmers allowed for faster publishing of new content and updating of existing ones. Reduction of publishing time: The process of creating and publishing content has been significantly accelerated. The editors of can now make changes to the website in real time, without having to wait for technical support. Increased flexibility: Pimcore allows you to easily personalize your website and adapt it to current needs and requirements. You can create and manage different types of content, such as articles, news, multimedia, and define your own fields and attributes. Better system integration: Thanks to Pimcore, can easily integrate various systems.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
reduced Cost of Ownership
Increased conversion rate

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