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Case Study: Thanks to Pimcore, Product Information on Marketplaces Is Updated Instantly

Polaris is a Swiss brand of household and climate appliances. The active matrix contains more than 700 items. Polaris occupies about 10% of the Russian market in the segment of small home appliances.

With Pimcore created for Polaris a single center for storing and updating product information. Using Pimcore Polaris content managers do not need to duplicate their work on uploading and updating product information in each of 5 online selling channels and on Polaris' informational site.

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Each of Polaris' 5 online selling channels has its own product information structure, which should be taken into account

In 2020-2021, online store and marketplaces have become the main sales channel for Polaris. Problems with storing and updating information about Polaris products have become vital: - there was no single place to store product information: data was scattered across dozens of folders and hundreds of tables; - product information was not structured; - product cards on Ozon, Wildberries, AliExpress, Yandex.Market marketplaces were not unified; information on each of them had to be filled out or updated separately; - changes in the information on marketplaces were difficult to track. The Polaris product range is constantly changing: new items appear, old items leave, features or configurations may change. The rules of marketplaces, the structure of product cards, and image requirements are changing. That's why managers had to duplicate their work and double-check already uploaded items. Polaris has set the task to optimize the process of working with product information.


Pimcore as a single center for storing information about goods

We have introduced into the Polaris ecosystem a single storage center for information about products, product categories, and product groups. We selected a Pimcore as a PIM system that meets the company's requirements. Developed the structure of the product card, taking into account all the requirements of marketplaces. We have developed an information model for a product card which describes all the nuances of the product and takes into account the technical requirements for product information for all the connected marketplaces. One combination of fields is selected from this card for transfer to Wildberries, and another for AliExpress; images in the necessary format and size are drawn to the card. There is no need to keep several cards of the same product for different marketplaces. The product card in the PIM system is designated as the reference source of all information about the product — the "golden record".


All the Polaris product information in all the sales channels is up to date and consistent with core information

Pimcore is integrated with online store and marketplaces via ESB, so all the product information is uploaded automatically an simultaneously. Polaris’ content managers spend up to 40% less time on updating data as they need to update information only in one source instead of 5 channels. Polaris’ buyers are more satisfied with their purchases: their expectations about product based on product data in sales channels is consistent with actual products they receive.

Key Results

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