B2B Prisma Media Solutions Website Redesign

Prisma Media Solutions is the advertising network for the leading Prisma Media press group in France with 22 essential brands, from Femme Actuelle to GEO, via Capital or National Geographic. The Prisma Media group is n°1 in french magazines, reaching 42M readers every month, across all media.

As advertising network for the leading French press group Prisma Media with 22 essential magazine titles (National Geographic, Femme Actuelle, Capital, GEO...), Prisma Media Solutions chose Pimcore and the digital agency SENZO as Pimcore's Gold partner for the redesign of its BtoB website.

Business Needs

Developed before on the WordPress CMS, the Prisma Media Solutions BtoB website had become over the years very dense in information. The website being too complicated, the professional visitors got lost and did not find the solutions adapted to their problems.

The Prisma Media Solutions website being a real showcase for the advertising network and therefore for the Prisma Media group, it had to get a facelift by proposing a new website that is both clearer and modern for its visitors and easier and practical for a daily administration by the internal teams in terms of content, SEO, etc.

Pimcore Solution

The choice of Pimcore was obvious for the digital agency SENZO in order to be able to meet all the needs of its client Prisma Media Solutions. From a user point of view, the website in its new version based on Pimcore brings more clarity and modernity by proposing several types of research in order to access in a much more targeted way to the numerous information of the website: news, brands (technical specifications, logos, advertising prices, contacts, etc.), videos, case studies, etc.

SENZO has set up in the Pimcore Back-Office several page templates as well as numerous widgets. Prisma Media teams can therefore compose and administrate all of the website pages in a very simple and modular way, all with perfect control of their SEO.

With high expectations in terms of UI/UX from its client and no technical constraints at the Front Office level due to Pimcore, SENZO was able to freely express all its creativity on this showcase website and thus prove its UX/UI and Mobile First skills.

As part of the redesign of the Prisma Media Solutions website with Pimcore, the SENZO digital agency migrated all the content from the old WordPress website and created a data mapping in order to make it correspond to the new modeling carried out with Pimcore. Finally, the native redirects functionality of Pimcore was used to set up a 301 redirect plan in order to keep the SEO from the old website.

Business Results

For the internal Prisma Media team that manages the website, the change was radical compared to WordPress which became impossible to manage and maintain on a daily basis. Prisma Media Solutions has recognized the power and ease of use of a CMS solution like Pimcore, making Pimcore a real alternative to WordPress!

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