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Case Study: Professional Presentation for the eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency

PromoTraffic, a digital marketing agency, expertly handles all aspects of online brand presence. They engage in planning, analysis & strategy execution that focuses on elevating their clients' growth.

PromoTraffic works with major clients from the e-commerce industry who require the highest level of professionalism. They needed a website that would allow them to present their expert knowledge, experience, and portfolio. The goal was to display their services in an easily understandable and complete way, simplifying the process for clients to get in touch with PromoTraffic.

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Strategy for a user-friendly, content-rich website

The key challenge in this project was developing a robust CMS capable of dealing with a high volume of content effectively. This task was complicated by the necessity to both present the company's offerings in an engaging manner and to establish a functional blog platform for successful content marketing. Tandemite's responsibility was to skillfully plan and arrange the content, aiming to create a user-friendly and well-structured website experience.
"I like that they are often flexible and open to negotiation or discussion about possible approaches to the problem. They understood what we would like to achieve with our new website and know that we like simple but effective solutions. That is why we understood each other well."
Krystian Kucharski, VP & Performance Director, PromoTraffic

Pimcore-powered website: visually rich, easily managed

For this project, Tandemite utilized Pimcore's CMS, known for its flexibility, enabling the client to present their offer in a bright, visually appealing and easily adjustable way. Tandemite designed a website that displays content in various modern formats, providing an excellent digital experience for its users. It's also been made easy for site administrators to input and modify content. The development team set up a simple contact form as well as a detailed option for extensive briefs. The blog has been improved to enable easy searching and commenting on content.

PromoTraffic's website transformation

PromoTraffic has gained a modern website that is a great place to familiarize users with the brand. The potential customer has an opportunity to learn about the company’s wide range of services, case studies, and successes. The website is attractive, thanks to a large amount of valuable content on the blog. The user can quickly contact the brand and send a detailed inquiry with an easy-to-use form. The open-source Pimcore platform has achieved the goals set by PromoTraffic and has become a useful corporate tool where they can easily add information about the company and its activities.

Key Results

Increased User Experience
Time saved in data maintenance

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