Professional Presentation for the eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency

PromoTraffic is a fast-growing eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency. They provide comprehensive marketing services for e-commerce.

Business Needs

PromoTraffic works with major clients from the e-commerce industry who require the highest level of professionalism. They needed a website that would allow them to present their expert knowledge, experience, and portfolio. They wanted to show their services clearly and comprehensively. It was essential to making it as easy as possible for their clients to contact PromoTraffic.

Pimcore Solution

We used Pimcore's flexible content management system (CMS) in this project. We have provided our clients with the possibility to present their offer in a bright, attractive, and easily configurable fashion. The user can contact the company via the website using a simple contact form or an advanced form, which lets you include a detailed brief. On the blog, you can effortlessly search and comment on content.

We have created a website designed for presenting content in a diverse, modern form to provide the user with great digital experience. At the same time, both entering and editing content is very easy for site administrators.

Business Results

PromoTraffic has gained a website that is a great place to familiarize users with the brand. The potential customer has an opportunity to learn about the company’s wide range of services, case studies, and successes. The website is attractive, thanks to a large amount of valuable content on the blog. The user can quickly contact the brand and send a detailed inquiry with an easy-to-use form. The platform has achieved the goals set by PromoTraffic and has become a useful corporate tool.

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