Case Study: Radio Station Stays in Tune with a New Website

Gong 96.3 is the most renowned radio station in Munich, Germany. For over 30 years, Gong has been operating privately from Schwabing, a Northern suburb of Munich where they have been quite successful. They report and discuss a variety of topics such as local events, world events, politics, and the most topical news from around the world.

Business Needs

Gong’s website was difficult to manage, which meant keeping it up-to-date was difficult. The website itself had several issues such as an unreliable search engine, unresponsiveness to users, and therefore an overall issue attracting and retaining traffic. With the little traffic they managed to attract, they were unable to keep users interested and therefore did not produce a substantial amount of returning users.

Because the website was difficult to manage, the news, events, weather, and traffic updates were not current, which meant that users were being presented with inaccurate and outdated information. When their staff attempted to update any information, it was a very time-consuming and complicated process where the outcome often did not produce anything worthwhile. As Gong’s staff was losing time trying to manage the situation, their customers were becoming increasingly dissatisfied as they tried to navigate their website.

As news, weather, and world events are constantly changing, their website needed constant attention and maintenance. Gong 96.3 needed a CMS where their staff could easily and quickly update the website’s content. They also needed a website that would be user-friendly, responsive, and ultimately attract traffic and returning users.

Pimcore Solution

DGTLS, a full-service digital agency in Munich, Germany advised Gong 96.3 to use Pimcore as their main Content Management System (CMS) where they could manage their website. When the solution was implemented, maintaining their website became much more efficient as processes became automated and intuitive for their staff.

Website leads were able to be easily tracked and stored within Pimcore, making it easy for Gong to understand their users. The background picture could be programmed into the system and reflect the weather and time in Munich, making the UI a reality based on Munich’s real-time conditions. Updates on motor traffic are monitored by the editorial staff and can be easily uploaded into the website through google maps. Additionally, live news updates are delivered by an interface of DPA every two minutes.

Business Results

Soon after implementation, the new website proved to be effective at not only significantly increasing user traffic; but also, prompting users to keep returning to the site. When users reach the site, they are presented with the most current news, events, advertisements, and traffic conditions. With this information, they can find everything they need to know all in one place. As the content was well-organized, users had a pleasant experience that prompted them to keep returning to the site. With website traffic and loyalty increasing, Gong 96.3 was able to enhance their brand and attract more listeners to their radio show.

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