Case Study: Radiologie Gersag - Impression #1

Case Study: Website Relaunch for Radiologie Gersag

Radiology Gersag offers image diagnostics for a wide range of problems using the latest equipment, from X-rays to specific MR examinations.

Implementation of a modern and user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and provides visitors with the information they are looking for.

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Customer Key Facts


Technical and content-related further development of the website

The information architecture is to be improved. This should be done with two main target groups in mind. This will be beneficial for both the site's users and the site's maintainers. The offers of the two locations must be clearly presented and it must be possible to easily switch between the two locations.

New information architecture and revised design

The new information architecture was developed in a workshop. The design was also developed in this phase on the basis of the specified CI / CDs. Subsequently, the new website was implemented with Pimcore. A modern website that is easy to use and provides visitors with the information they need will help to attract and convert more leads. Special attention was given to the following points: - Simple, clean design - Clear and concise copy - Relevant and targeted keywords - Usage of calls to action - Usage of engaging visuals

User-friendly, modern Website

The modern and user-friendly website not only provides information on the site-specific services, but also directions and parking facilities for customers. The main target groups are directly addressed. If an online registration is created by a referring physician, a PDF is generated which is sent to the radiology department by e-mail. Through the use of Pimcore, the content of the page can be adapted and optimised by the customer at any time.

Key Results

Increased Website Traffic
Increased conversion rate

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