Case Study: Pimcore DXP Solution for Robintur, Italian Leading Tour Operator

Robintur Group, is leader in Italian Travel market with two brands: Robintur and Viaggi Coop. Its network is composed by 94 travel agencies directly owned and 170 affiliate agencies. Robintour is part of COOP Group, one of the biggest italian companies (15 billions turnover, 50K employees).

Business Needs

The previous website was just a limited showcase of products without the purchasing possibility, customers being redirected to the physical agencies located on the Italian territory.
The online channel was not exploited with all its potential. Editing and maintenance of the past web site were very demanding and tricky. 
Now even if the average receipt is very high, and there are still several customers who prefer to go to physical agencies, the product can also be configured and purchased online.
Management of products with thousands of variations; extremely personalized checkout; integration with middleware, crm and marketing automation platform. Granular management of permits and versioning to guarantee a safe and monitored publication flow.

Pimcore Solution

We created an “enrichment interface” through which editors can now complete the “bare” products that we sync from the company’s ERP with rich media contents like geopoints, descriptions, media galleries, and videos.

We created a custom checkout flow built entirely on the Vue.JS framework capable of handling the many variations of such a complex product.

We integrated Elasticsearch and built a “type-ahead” search engine with the ability to group results geographically. 
We created a balanced cluster architecture that makes horizontal scaling a breeze and currently offers response times of approximately 200ms. 

Other interesting facts: store locator built on OPENSTREETMAPS, QRCODED estimates, PDF printouts.

Business Results

Traffic on the site has increased about four times compared to last year.

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