Case Study: Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte - Impression #1

Case Study: Portal Relaunch for Optimized Customer Approach - of a Solution Provider with Over 25,000 Products

For more than 70 years, ROEMHELD technologies and products have been used in the production of numerous industrial goods for aircraft, automobiles, machine tools or housings for smartphones.

Via the new portal, which consists of three product pages and one image page, more than 25,000 data sets of catalogue products of ROEMHELD are collected. These are prepared target group specific and show the competence of ROEMHELD customer specific solutions. The innovative and smart products are presented to the customers of ROEMHELD by means of the different Pimcore modules on an equally innovative platform.

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Customer Key Facts

Mio. Euro Turnover
25 000

Mapping complex product data

ROEMHELD offers products for different industrial areas. The products differ partly, depending on the product area, strongly in the features. Normally a product can have X different features, which are used as filters on the website. The new platform serves as the first point of contact for customers to download information material as well as CAD files. In the process, more than 65,000 customers have to be managed and relevant information has to be forwarded to sales partners. To this end, the platform is to become more sales-oriented and must also include a kind of shopping cart and checkout process for product enquiries. Furthermore, news, trade fairs and various information must be managed. An additional challenge is the mapping of the data in currently five languages, which will be supplemented by further languages in the future. The main challenge is to have a fast frontend output as well as a backend that is easy to maintain for ROEMHELD.
"The complex data maintenance of our products in five languages is now many times easier and faster with Pimcore than before. Product-specific data and assets are reliably assigned to the right products via an interface. The performance of our websites has also improved significantly with Pimcore."
Roland Berledt, Head of Marketing

Create synergies by using the different Pimcore modules

By using the various Pimcore modules (PIM, DAM, MDM, CDP, eCommerce and CMS), a fast and flexible platform could be created. New products with new features can be added dynamically at any time without having to further develop the data objects. The display and filtering of data in the frontend runs extremely fast despite the large amount of data, and by using the eCommerce framework, products can be added to the shopping cart and enquired about. The CDP was extended with functions that facilitate administration and prepare the connection to a new internal CRM. The disadvantage of the last systems used (TYPO3 and Magento), which only have their strengths in one area, could be remedied by the perfect interaction of the modules.
"In the past, different software had to be connected to create solutions that usually had a performance problem. Pimcore gives us the perfect tools to build complex, yet high performance systems that delight our customers. "
Kristian Kraft, Managing Director

Portal with four channels for over 25,000 products

"The redesign of the pages, the consolidation of the data as well as new processes at ROEMHELD make it possible to show the 25,000 products to the respective target groups in a more targeted way in the form of solutions. By this restructuring, content preparation as well as technical optimisation, the new presences support the orientation and strategy of the solution provider ROEMHELD. For a better sales orientation the contact to the customer was simplified and in this course the core service of ROEMHELD, workpiece clamping, tool clamping as well as assembly and handling technology, was prepared for a worldwide establishment. Also a career portal was created, which appropriately presents the attractiveness of the company as an employer and thus generates new applicants."

Key Results

Product attributes
21 870
Media Assets
259 725
Data Objects

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