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Case Study: Centralized Product Data Hub and Online Product Catalog For HVACR Company

Scrol provides comprehensive manufacturing, sales and installation services for HVACR systems. Its portfolio includes several hundred products, many categories and numerous additional materials.

Where we deal with complex ventilation products and systems - for sure we will have to design well suited product models and product information management system. Implemented PIM platform and online porduct catalogue with corporate website gave Scrol organized product information database with clear product categorization and presentation. All this delivering on-source-of-truth for the company and for customers.

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Customer Key Facts

Product Attributes

Lack of a coherent product model and scattered marketing materials.

The main challenge was to create a universal model for all products and map their structure in the system. Prior to the start of work on PIM, data on product categories was scattered across the company's various departments. Moreover, the product model in each category differed. One of the goals of the implementation was to unify and collect all product data in one trusted place. Another challenge was to present the offer clearly and make it easier for the customer to select the products that best fit their needs, as well as to present the extensive customization possibilities of the systems provided by Scrol. The new website was also intended to facilitate access to numerous documents and materials aimed at architects, installers and service technicians. Last but not least, the goal of the new site was to create the image of a professional, experienced and trustworthy company that comprehensively serves even the most demanding customers.

Structuring dispersed data into a coherent product model in PIM.

We started our work by modeling the product structure. The need for many types of objects was identified: products, categories, subcategories, product types, systems, implementations, manufacturers and many other auxiliary objects. It was necessary to create an extensive network of relationships between these objects. In such a complexity of relations, we had to ensure that they were sufficiently transparent and easy to manage for users. CMS panel customization capabilities came in handy, which made the panel more transparent for users. In order to transfer the database of products, sales and marketing data, graphic materials and technical documents, we used Pimcore's import mechanisms expanding them with dedicated solutions. While working on the website, we focused on designing a clear product catalog. The project took into account several paths to reach the products and solutions, taking into account the differing needs of the customers.
Case Study: Jakub Kwiatkowski, Project Manager
"The biggest challenge in the implementation of the project was to organize the product structure previously scattered across different departments of the organization. Our knowledge of the HVACR industry and experience working with Pimcore enabled us to successfully solve this challenge and implement a highly useful tool for our client."
Jakub Kwiatkowski, Project Manager

Pimcore as a tool for developing market advantage.

Implemented solution has organized and unified the presentation of the extensive offer of complex HVAC products and systems. Pimcore has become the company's main source of product truth and the new website has become a transparent catalog for customers. Always up-to-date and responsive. The new website also provides a wide range of opportunities to promote the portfolio and increase sales potential. The website has been extended with some custom features like recomendations and hints for complementary products as well as a advanced search engine. The complex range of categories and products was connected by a network of links, taking into account additional marketing data such as references, realizations, technical and service data, while ensuring high usability of the website and CMS panel. The presentation of the product was supplemented by the ability to display 3D models and visualize system solutions. We also took care of ergonomics and intuitive content management on the site.

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