Case Study: Selena Group - Impression #1

Case Study: Easy Product Information Management and Preparation

Selena Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals and one of the four largest manufacturers of one-component aerosol PU foams. The Selena Group offers PU foams, sealants, adhesives, waterproofing products, insulation systems, fixings and complementary products. It comprises of 35 companies in 18 countries.

Because of this growing range of products, operations and markets, Selena approached Unity Group with a need to cohesively bring everything together. They required a system that enabled them to collect and manage product data from one place.

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Data management from one place

The business need that Selena approached us with was to have a system that would allow them to collect and manage product data from one place, which is particularly important given the growing number of products and the foreign markets in which they are sold. This meant eliminating multiple entries of the same product data into different systems and documents. The high standard of content for the customer must still always be ensured. Retain high quality product data through the removal of problems caused by the increasing complexity of said products. Any new system must support the process of introducing the offer to new markets. Selena’s highly complex product offer (large number of categories, attributes, links between products, multilingualism) also needed to be supported.
"Thanks to the implementation of PIM, we have a highly developed tool with a high level of flexibility and configurability, with native functions on the one hand and highly personalized features on the other. The solution significantly organizes and broadly makes available the data, which are consolidated, standardized and properly aggregated, to other platforms and product information recipients."
Krystian Stawinski, Group Innovation Manager

Workshops and experience

We started with USM workshops, to determine the needs of the client. Next, we prepared a map story and defined priorities using the MoSCoW method. We implemented a Product Information Management system (PIM) based on Pimcore technology. We helped to simplify business processes, which originally required Selena to work in several applications. We also integrated with the LIMS system: the workflow for creating new products in Pimcore is now based on information from LIMS. We enabled the automatic creation of new products in Pimcore, based on data previously created in ERP and LIMS, thanks to integrated systems. We have migrated the resources associated with the products along with the creation of relations in the Pimcore system (graphics, photos, videos, files, etc.).

Efficient product management with PIM

As a result of the task carried out by Unity Group, Selena has implemented control and reporting mechanisms, thanks to which it has access to the product database and can freely edit it. Thanks to the standardisation of processes, high quality of proudkt data was ensured in all channels. The working time spent on editing product information has also been optimised. Moreover, the client has the possibility to generate selected types of reports on demand, which can be easily prepared for print or for the website, as well as catalogues. All possible in PDF format without the use of Adobe InDesign. Unity Group has also automated data exchange with ERP and LPMS systems without the need to fill in the same product descriptions in different systems. The company has also introduced an optimised translation process, which enables rapid expansion into new markets.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
Reduced TDC Lead Times
Improved Controlling of Implementation and Withdrawal

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