Pimcore With Multiple Shopify's Instances

The project aimed to connect Pimcore to multiple instances of the Shopify platform. Pimcore's objects are synchronized on Shopify with a dedicated bundle. Orders are managed in Pimcore using webhooks. There is also an integration with logistics and the possibility to perform item returns. 

Business Challenge

The need of the customer was to synchronize the product's information on multiple Shopify's instances with different languages and prices, avoiding manual operation. Orders from Shopify had to be integrated and managed in Pimcore. There was also the need to integrate the logistic team for availability, to create a tracking number, and to allow customers to require the return of some items and get a refund.

Pimcore Solution

The synchronization of product information on Shopify was made using Pimcore's dedicated classes and field collections. Pimcore's localized fields made it easy to manage translations and prices for different instances. Thanks to the e-commerce framework, Shopify orders could easily be managed. 

Business Results

Two different stores were launched and are served by Pimcore. Orders and returns flow work in an independent way for each store. As the customer will soon open a new store, he will be able to configure and synchronize it with a minimum effort.

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