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Case Study: Put to bed: New online and brand strategy for Strickerchemie

The chemical distribution company Strickerchemie GmbH is one of the most innovative companies around the topic of waterbeds and a leading supplier of care products for waterbeds.

The chemistry is right at the specialist company Strickerchemie GmbH. In order to pave the way to a strong trading company and open up new business areas, a coherent online and brand strategy was developed, which was put into practice with a multi-client capable online store system.

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The chemistry must be right - The repositioning

The objective of Strickerchemie GmbH was to reposition itself. Until now, the company considered itself a chemical distribution company. Through organic growth in the past, the company gradually developed into a trading company, the product range was expanded to include e.g. waterbeds and accessories. In the future Strickerchemie GmbH would like to conquer new business fields and continue the development towards a trading company. The challenge of this project was to develop Stickerchemie into a trading company with a comprehensive online and brand strategy and to open up new business areas and sales channels. For this purpose, a corporate design was conceived by the partner agency Sherpa and a new web presence with a retailer portal was created by the Junge Haie. In addition further online sales platforms were established.

The mix of the formula for success

First, our partners Sherpa Design prepared the "Strickerchemie" brand graphically. Together with the results of previous workshops, this formed the basis for the website to be developed. The PIM Actindo was set up to provide and maintain the product data, which can be used not only for the website but also for other online sales channels. Pimcore E-Commerce was implemented for the online store and the dealer portal. This was followed by the technical implementation of the retailer portal. Basic requirements included a messaging system through which retailers can receive messages. In addition, a dashboard was implemented through which retailers can access their account. The designed subscription feature allows orders to be converted into a subscription. Orders are sent by mail from Pimcore to Strickerchemie's order management system. Subscription orders are automatically triggered by Pimcore according to the selected interval.

The right mix - an online presence with a B2B focus

The result is a new web presence that provides the basis for Strickerchemie's sales expansion. The clearly structured website now includes a retailer portal with integrated B2B store, which bundles all important functions in one place. After logging in, retailers have access to all functions as well as retailer-specific prices. The functions include orders that can be converted into subscriptions in a time-saving manner, orders that are sent to Strickerchemie automatically through  Pimcore, and individual advertising material that retailers can easily configure themselves. Static HTML pages are configured via the landing page generator so that retailers can use them for promotional purposes. In order to further expand the sales position of Strickerchemie GmbH, other online sales channels such as Ebay, Amazon and Google Shopping are now also being used.

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