Case Study: Hunting Retailer Hits the Target with Web and Print

Swedteam AB is a retail organization that specializes in hunting clothes tailor-made for specific kinds of hunting and for every season of the year. The company has wide knowledge about both hunting as well as the business of producing and selling clothes.  Their products are sold mainly in the Scandinavian countries but are also present in some other parts of Europe such as Germany and Great Britain.

Business Needs

Swedteam AB utilizes both a product catalog and their website for communicating their products to customers.  They also use their website for sharing company news and information about hunting.  Prior to using Pimcore, Swedeteam AB was using InDesign to produce their catalog which required manual editing when it needed to be updated.  This was extremely time consuming and new products often did not get updated in the catalog before their release.  The website homepage was powered by Magento but operated slowly and was difficult to update and store duplicate product information.  It was difficult to manage corrections of product data because everything was being handled manually by mail or proofing documents.  Updating the website was completely dependent on the webmaster who could not immediately respond to every update request.   They were also using a modified version of OwnCloud as their DAM and image bank solution which was very difficult to manage.  With no solution to allow them to build an efficient website, they were missing a big business opportunity to spread expertise knowledge and promote their company’s brand.  Overall, the catalog was not optimal for sales representatives to use when selling to retailers and the website did not offer the best experience to users who visit their homepage.

Pimcore Solution

Using Pimcore’s solution, Swedeteam AB was able to solve their business problems and create the business tools they needed to succeed. Firstly, they were able to produce a new product catalog for both regular customers and retailers with advanced imagery and efficient organization.  The catalog was updated for end users with better suited product information as well as new, editorial information to help consumers.  They were able to create a new homepage using Pimcore’s platform with a new design.  The new page focused less on products, and more on helping the customer find the right products for them.  They were also able to finally achieve social media presence for purposes of communication with clients, promoting new products, and publishing industry news and knowledge.  They were also able to host an image bank outside of their web space.

Business Results

With an overall more efficient and effective digital presence, Swedeteam AB was able to strengthen their brand by being present in several communication channels and highlighting their products and industry knowledge in all of them.  The new homepage was more useful to customers and therefore produced more business and users were easily directed to the product that was right for them.  With the same product data used in all channels came assurance that customers were not reading outdated or incorrect information.  As all data was now stored in one place, proofing the information was much easier to handle and produced more accurate results.  Overall, Pimcore enabled Swedeteam AB to build their desired digital presence and allowed their business to flourish.

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