Product configurator for easy assembling of complex cooling units

TEKO is a refrigeration manufacturer in Germany. They specialize in standardized machine sets, compressors and control electronics. With a Pimcore-based product configurator, employees and customers have the opportunity to assemble individual cooling circuits. Instead of scrolling through a catalog and struggling to pick out individual elements for the desired refrigeration cycle, they can find all the necessary information quickly. The configuration goes directly to the sales department to complete the order.

Business Needs

Employees and sales spent an incredible amount of time with the configuration of individual cooling circuits, the modular basis (instead of leafing through catalogs) and struggled with the individual element selection for the desired refrigeration cycle. TEKO needed a quicker way to manage all the necessary information together with appropriate addendums. They required their scattered knowledge to be bundled and available in a holistic view for everyone at all times; Pimcore did just that by providing them with a platform to manage their data, connected via its open APIs directly to a product configurator.

Pimcore Solution

The product configurator runs on Pimcore chosen because of its API; it provided a fast and easy integration process with TEKOs existing data infrastructure. The sales department now has access to all data at any time and can update current and add new items with ease. Also, TEKO can import specific exclusion criteria as well as product images, prices, and other valuable information by themselves. This results in higher portability for TEKO and relieves the constraint on their servers. Because of the perfect interaction between the product configurator and the in-house information system, each customer receives their individually tailored quote in no time.

Business Results

The time to value was great and exceeded all their expectations. Using Pimcore, customers now save time and money through a simple and clear operation. The error rate when assembling the individual cooling elements is nearly down to 0. The integrated TIS, which contains all the information on technology, quality, compatibility, and price, serves this purpose. Therefore TEKO has met the target to increase sales and revenue.

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  • TEKO Gesellschaft für Kältetechnik mbH
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