Case Study: Unify Software and Solutions GmbH & Co.KG - Impression #1

Case Study: Merging Akeneo and Nuxeo into one system: Pimcore

Unify is a subsidiary of the Atos Group and specializes in solutions and offerings around virtual, distributed and remote collaboration in enterprises, with customers and partners.

Unify previously used Akeneo as its PIM system and Nuxeo as its DAM system. This split meant that custom-built adaptations were needed to relate data from both systems. The main goal of replacing both systems with Pimcore was to provide a reliable and customized solution that would allow Unify to create and maintain product data very easily without having deep knowledge of the internal data structure.

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Merging Akeneo and Nuxeo into one system: Pimcore

With 15,000 simultaneous user requests daily and up to 200 requests per minute, Unify's partner portal is under heavy demand. In addition, Unify serves multiple countries and channels, each in multiple languages and for different customer groups, which may have their own country-specific rules, depending on the channel/language combination. With the accumulated enhancements to its own PIM and DAM system, managing multiple channels became increasingly challenging for Unify. Unify contacted basecom with the desire to eliminate redundancies by using Akeneo and Nuxeo and to generate more overview in the future. The goal of the project was to maintain and manage all content in an easy-to-use system. In addition, it was particularly important to make the maintenance of products and assets so simple that employees do not have to know and use the business logic or the interrelationships behind it. 

Pimcore as the ideal solution

In a feasibility study, we therefore first examined whether Pimcore, as a consolidation of both systems, could handle the high number of queries and whether Pimcore could be used to implement a data model that facilitates operation, maintenance and management of various channels in different languages for Unify. With Pimcore, Unify has information about all its product data at a glance. Integrated asset management eliminates duplicate or redundant attributes and makes it easier than ever to link and maintain products and documents.  With the new Pimcore system, product data sheets for the various phone and client systems are now made available as PDF downloads in the B2B customer portal, the partner portal and the internal wiki based on specified restrictions. The access restriction is based on the user's role and country code. In addition, the provision of the product data takes into account the set sales milestones, which can vary from country to country. 


Go-live in 2021

At the end of 2021, the new partner portal based on Pimcore will be launched with a new look and layout. At the same time, the backend will work with a revised and tidied-up data model that will enable the playout of new products in all channel/language combinations in no time at all. In addition, other features of Pimcore such as the workflow engine ensure an automated check of the work processes at Unify and guide the colleagues to an error-free and robust release.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance

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