Case Study: Universität St. Gallen - Impression #1

Progressive web app replaces globally used app

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) is one of the leading business schools in Europe and worldwide.

The University of St. Gallen publishes the magazine HSG Focus four times a year. DACHCOM redesigned the appearance of the online publication and replaced the previous app with a fast and user-friendly Progressive Web App. The PWA based on Pimcore is used by users from over 100 countries due to the international reach of the University of St. Gallen.

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The initial situation

Before the relaunch with Pimcore, the online magazine «HSG Focus» of the University of St. Gallen was accessible as a hybrid app via download in the corresponding stores. Several channels were managed separately. WordPress proved to be too inflexible as an editorial system. The advantages of a headless implementation led away from the previous solution to the technical implementation of a Progressive Web App (PWA).

The Solution with Pimcore

For the structured migration of the extensive data - well over 4000 generically written data sets in the form of articles, videos and photos were integrated on the previous app - an interface between Pimcore and the new Progressive Web App was implemented and the data automatically transformed. The GraphQL interface based on DataHub enables targeted queries from data sets and is thus more developer-friendly and, above all, faster and more flexible than the previous hybrid app solution. With reactJS, DACHCOM relied on a flexible framework in the frontend for the technical implementation of the Progressive Web App - with Pimcore in the backend, the University of St.Gallen has a comprehensive editorial system with maximum flexibility and stability.
Case Study: Cedric Gunz, Digital Solutions, DACHCOM
"The custom data structure capabilities created by Pimcore are perfect for the content management needs of the client with very unique requirements."
Cedric Gunz, Digital Solutions, DACHCOM

DACHCOM Services

DACHCOM used Pimcore and a graphQL interface to replace the existing app of the HSG Focus magazine and created a demonstrably faster and more efficient access with the new Progressive Web App (PWA). The implemented Elastic Search adds a fast search engine to the user experience, and thanks to intelligent preview functionality, articles can be developed for the PWA without being visible in the frontend. The high level of customer satisfaction with the new solution is based not only on the error-free display of the content, but is also evident from the more straightforward, user-friendly content maintenance in the backend.

Key Results

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