A Leading Tour Operator Modernizes Its Website for Improved Experience

The vtours GmbH was founded in 2004 and is one of the leading dynamic tour operators in the German-speaking area, creating travel offers in real time. In the current fvw ranking of the organizers for the 2016/17 tourism year, the company is ranked 15th and currently employs 120 people.

Business Need

The challenges of the project were to create a modern and user-friendly website that displays  structured hotel data. The integration of 3rd party systems should be done easily - the Traveltainment Internet Booking Engine (IBE) and various customer service tools have to be integrated. For editors, the system should be easy to use and offer a variety of options. The website should be available in multiple languages and managed centrally. Since this is a sales channel, the site should withstand a high user load.

Pimcore Solution

Pimcore is used as a data management platform. Website content, product offerings and translations are maintained through the Platform. Since the website needs to be connected to different systems, a headless approach was chosen. So the Traveltainmant integration could be done easily. A light weight frontend retrieves the data through the Pimcore API or third party systems. Due to the chosen approach, the system also keeps a high user load. Using rights- and workflow-management, the editors only have the data for which they are responsible.

Business Results

By choosing Pimcore as Headless CMS a very flexible system could be provided. On the technical side it is very performant and offers a high degree of scalability and extensibility. For editors the effort to maintain the page has been reduced, while at the same time increasing the possibilities. That way offers can now be preconfigured and timed.

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