Case Study: Wirtschaftsförderung Luzern - Impression #1

Case Study: Relaunch of the FDI business platform for the Lucerne Economic Development Agency

Lucerne Business is the business development agency of the Canton of Lucerne. It promotes Lucerne as a business location, attracts new companies, develops existing ones and supports start-ups.

With the aim of creating a platform for the settlement of foreign companies, Brunner Medien created a multidomain-capable content architecture for the Economic Development Agency of the Canton of Lucerne as part of the overall relaunch of the website. This was accompanied by optimizations in the sales process. Personalized landing pages (PURL) are now possible for the creation of online presentations for interested companies.

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Expansion of online presence, reduction of administrative time and effort

The Lucerne Economic Development Agency operates its online presence under the domains and This should be renewed. The original website of the Lucerne Economic Development Agency primarily addressed local or national target groups. The area of the settlement of foreign companies (FDI) was too little present online and had to be expanded. It should be given its own platform, which in particular highlights Lucerne’s locational advantages in Swiss and international competition. In addition to raising awareness, internal processes for online publication needed to be simplified and administrative overhead and duplication eliminated.

Multifunctional corporate website and PURLs for interested clients

Based on Pimcore, Brunner Medien has implemented a comprehensive corporate website with various modules, including news, blog, corporate database, customer data platform (DTP), events, testimonials and community database. To optimize the sales process, a special function for creating online presentations has been created. This tool enables centrally managed and comprehensive information to be compiled as a personalized landing page (PURL) and made available to prospective settlers.

Optimally strengthened for the goal of attracting foreign companies

Strengthening the area of attracting foreign companies to Lucerne as a business location is now excellently prepared with the renewed corporate website.Companies interested in locating in the Lucerne region can now also be served with an attractive personalized landing page. At the same time, the optimization and automation steps in the sales process and the multiple use of content reduce the administrative effort.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced duplicate data
Reduced Bounce Rate

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