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World Cup Ulricehamn is the name and homepage for the cross country skiing World Cup event taking place in Ulricehamn, Sweden in January 2017. The event will include participants and spectators from around the world and is part of the international FIS Cross-Country World Cup.

Business Needs

The event committee needed to create a website for the event that would be able to present all event-related information in an organized way so that teams and visitors can follow the journey leading up to the event. They needed to be able to display crucial information about the event, including competitions, programs, participants, local talents, and media and press information. They needed to be able to include links and information for teams and individual competitors to help them prepare for this new venue in the World Cup circuit. They also needed a portal for people to buy tickets for the event directly from the website. 

They needed to build this website from scratch and give access to many different collaborators who will be involved in the site’s creation. They needed a tool that would be very easy to use, as everyone involved was working as a volunteer and did not have time for extensive training or support issues. The solution would need to allow them to easily update the website regarding the event from pre-event information to final results.   

Pimcore Solution

World Cup Ulricehamn was advised by IPM Ulricehamn to use Pimcore’s Content Management System for the creation and maintenance of their event’s website. They were able to easily set up their website in limited time and incorporate all required areas – teams, media & press, visitor information, ticket sales, and much more.  The website was not only very easy to build but also very easy to maintain with frequent event updates and ticket promotions. 

All the pages were able to be interconnected and updated from a single source. There was no need for extensive training and their volunteers quickly adapted to the solution. As needed, they were able to create a news feed and social media feed directly on the homepage where users could browse all new and relevant information and draw attention to their social media accounts. They were able to create the site in both Swedish and English to accommodate their global teams and fans.

Business Results

Since the website’s launch, it has step by step attracted a larger amount of traffic and ticket sales are doing well. As the event date approaches, the website is equipped to handle a significant increase in daily visitors of up to 20,000 visitors a day as is expected. The heavy volume of website traffic is ultimately leading to ticket sales and thus more people at the event. With an efficient website in place, they are able to successfully promote their event leading to large crowds of teams and fans turning up.  

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