PIM, DAM, Workflow and Automated Catalog Creation for Yaad Pirzul

Founded in 1966, Yaad Pirzul LTD imports, markets and supplies a wide range of handles, furniture, kitchen and home design accessories. The company’s range of products provides a professional and comprehensive solution for home design use. All products are of the highest standards of quality, innovation and reliability.

Yaad team, along with Netgo professionals planned and implemented a solution to a consolidated MDM/PIM/DAM platform for tens of thousands products, and other relevant entities, which resulted in an entire product information management system for Yaad Pirzul. Their primary goal was to provide a reliable and custom-made solution that will allow all Yaad employees to collect, enrich and publish data about their products.

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Customer Key Facts

Years of operation

Organize and model all data silos

For Yaad, its broad product range and large product categories means a large amount of different product information, which has to be maintained for their website and printed catalogs. Dealing with categories, images, drawings and leaflets, the company wanted a data model for its website, including an online and printed catalog. This data model should ensure structure and order of the product information and enable easy central maintenance of the information. Catalogs and price lists creation was long, and mostly handled manually.

Consolidated MDM/PIM platform for tens of thousands products

Pimcore solution by Netgo consists of PIM, DAM, ERP & InDesign integration With a daily sync process from ERP to Pimcore, solved Yaad’s disorganized data and images, The solution implemented a consolidated MDM/PIM platform for tens of thousands products, and other relevant entities. This meant that all their product data was stored in a single source where sales, and product managers employees could easily update, locate and access the information they needed.

Accurate, efficient, and takes less time

Yaad eCatalog update is more accurate, more efficient, and takes less time. Product managers spend less time updating their product information. The total time of generating a new catalog with Pimcore was shortened to less than a minute, fewer people worked in the process.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced duplicate data
Time for Product Catalog Configuration

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