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Case Study: Precision meets innovation - Website relaunch for Zestron

Zestron has unrivalled expertise in risk assessment and failure analysis in electronics manufacturing and is recognised as the world leader in precision cleaning of electronic assemblies.

Due to the complexity of their product and service range, the technology experts from Zestron in Ingolstadt were specifically looking for an experienced Pimcore Partner. In addition to a visual leap into the year 2023, the new website needed maximum flexibility, a powerful PIM and functionalities that simplify the shared data maintenance across globally scattered teams as much as possible.

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Customer Key Facts

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World market leader - soon also in the digital space

Until now, the website lagged far behind the innovative power of the technology leader in precision cleaning. Our mission: to develop a state-of-the-art new website based on Pimcore that presents the wide range of coachings, services, risk assessments and damage analyses in the field of electronics manufacturing in a smart and user-friendly way and makes all relevant information accessible in a structured manner. And in a way in which all nine market versions of the website can be individually maintained, while the product portfolio for all language variants is centrally managed and the effort for multiple maintenances is reduced.


Product data and assets under control thanks to DAM & PIM

By processing products, appointments and coaching offers as data objects, they become easily maintainable and can be played out repeatedly anywhere on the website. The visually more elaborate individual pages with complex and unusual elements are combined from a variety of predefined content components that our design and development teams provide in advance for the content managers. For the extensive technical data sheets and information downloads, we implemented a clear DAM that enables multilingual access to technical information and greatly simplifies the international maintenance of different language versions of individual documents. This is even more true for Zestron's extensive portfolio of cleaning products for electronic assemblies. Thanks to the comprehensive PIM module, the international teams do not have to maintain their own product databases.

Maximum performance, optimum comfort

The predefined components give Zestron staff from the globally distributed teams maximum freedom to design their individual subpages while ensuring that the design of all new content pages fits perfectly with the new website. The up to nine market versions of each individual product, each of which varies greatly from the USA over Europe to Korea, Japan and China, can be centrally managed and individually adapted. Since all important data is maintained directly on the individual product in the Zestron PIM and the display is controlled via the individually set up filters, each market retains its freedom with the smallest possible maintenance effort and constant content quality around the globe.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance
Increased conversion rate

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