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Whether you are managing the business process or gathering business intelligence, efficient enterprise data management is a prerequisite. With a deep focus on user-friendly and consistent organization, aggregation, classification, and translation of rich product information, Pimcore is uniquely placed to address PIM and MDM needs of enterprises. We recognize that efficiency and accuracy in handling data is at the core of reliable data governance. Besides, being an open source data management platform, Pimcore PIM software provides ample scope for scalability, consistency, and optimization.

Data Editing

The user-friendly and consistent organization, aggregation, classification, and translation of rich product information based on a flexible and agile data model is key to Pimcore’s PIM solution.

Pimcore PIM platform provides the most user-friendly experience for data entry, translation and data management. Manage every aspect of each record, including hierarchy, structure, validations, versioning, and enriching master data with attributes, descriptions, translations, documentation and other related data components within the Pimcore data editing interface.

Batch Editing

Batch editing in Pimcore is a real experience. The flexible, tabular user interface is primarily used for three different tasks: Batch editing records in an Excel like manner, bulk editing of selected records and searching/filtering for certain records based on an integrated query builder.

User and Rights Management

Pimcore PIM platform includes advanced rights management out-of-the-box. The interface of our open source PIM platform can be 100% customized and fine-tuned for each individual user and use-case. With its customized layouts, all data entry masks can be adapted to field-level granularity. Pimcore perspectives morph its interface to fit in the best possible way to the needed editorial workflow. It’s just awesome.


Pimcore PIM platform seamlessly integrates with its digital asset management system, for managing media files and documents. It seamlessly integrates with PIM/MDM and provides interfaces for meta-data management and rich image editing/manipulation of media files.

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Custom Portals

Build configurable, flexible, integrated B2B portals on top of your PIM application. Pimcore’ s customizable frontends enable you to create simple, minimalistic interfaces. Powerful features for single sign-on (SSO) ensure deep integration with your enterprise. Grow the solution workflow as your business evolves. Provide smaller partners a manual approach, while larger partners can upload spreadsheet files that the portal receives and automatically processes. Examples 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Feature Overview

Data Modeling
Flexible data modeling is key to Pimcore PIM/MDM. It includes a web-based data modeling engine to create a new product data model within minutes.
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Data Management
The user-friendly and consistent organization, aggregation, classification, and translation of rich product information based on a flexible and agile data model is key to Pimcore PIM/MDM.
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Data Integration & Delivery
Learn more about how Pimcore enables you to take charge of data integration through easy import and export of data between Pimcore and external systems.
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Data Quality / Semantics
Pimcore delivers high-quality clean and trusted data with enterprise-class data quality and governance that scales.
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Workflow Management
Pimcore includes an advanced workflow engine to define business processes and editorial workflows.
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Digital Asset Management
Pimcore seamlessly integrates full-featured digital asset management to manage, integrate and relate images, graphics, documents, audio and video.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pimcore is used in highly agile global environments and at Fortune 500 companies with millions of pages, digital assets and products, hundreds of editors and millions of monthly visitors. Due to the use of leading technologies such as MySQL, PHP, Elastic Search, Mongo DB and Varnish, Pimcore scales very well.
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Pimcore is available both as an Enterprise Subscription and as a free Open Source Community Edition. Customers of the Enterprise Subscription work with a certified and tested version, and qualify for the purchase of the Managed Cloud, Service Level Agreements, Long Term Support, and Enterprise Extensions.
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Download Pimcore for on-premise deployment or as a package for deployment in the cloud. Pimcore is compatible to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other leading on-demand cloud computing providers. Additionally, Pimcore Managed Cloud will be available as Platform as a Service (PaaS) soon.
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“I especially appreciate the overview gained from the list views, offering control of batch changes, visibility and status of our product catalog.”
Halvor Schmidt, eCommerce Manager
Eplehuset, Apple Premium Reseller operating 21 stores in Norway

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