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Deutsche Saatveredelung (DSV) is one of the leading middle-sized plant breeding companies in Germany, specialized in breeding, production and distribution e.g. of grasses, oilseed crops, cereals and corn.

Research, breeding and production of seeds and consultancy services for farmers are the core services of Deutsche Saatveredelung (DSV). We took the challenge of making this portfolio understandable for a target group of agricultural companies with a newly developed product information system (PIM).

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Wide range of requirements

In addition to a state-of-the-art and responsive corporate presentation, the easy adaption and maintenance of product information, classification and content had to be ensured. Extensive data and specific product features were clearly prepared for both editors and users. And all this for the German website and a total of seven international DSV divisions, each with their own websites and independent international editorial teams.
"The Pimcore-based website offers an intuitive user experience for our customers. It is one of the main elements to grow nationally and internationally and to further expand DSV's portfolio in the future."
Wolfgang Ziebeil, Media Manager

Many requirements, one technological platform

With Pimcore, the DSV is now relying on a powerful technological platform: whether for the maintenance of product data or content elements. By combining PIM, DAM and CMS, the advantages of uniform product-, data- and content-management can be used, which is also low-maintenance, scalable and expandable for further country pages, like for example those for Denmark, Argentina, Netherlands, Poland or Ukraine.

Simple maintenance and intuitive use

With this solution, DSV is given the opportunity to easily and quickly update and manage their products themselves for online display. In interplay with a newly developed UX and UI-Design, a website was created that on the one hand simplifies the administration of the products and at the same time allows an intuitive use of the site by farmers and customers of DSV.

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