Glam à Paris

The real estate company Glam à Paris was created in 2008. The company manages high range furnished apartments in Paris for people who are looking to rent during holidays or business travel. As the short-term rental market is rapidly growing, Glam à Paris  is becoming a prominent contender.

Business Needs

Glam à Paris needed a complete redesign of their website to create a “2 in 1 site” for its two types of visitors: customers looking for a furnished apartment rentals in Paris (tenants) and owners wishing to entrust the management of their Paris-rent apartment to the Glam à Paris Agency. They needed the content for both versions to be manageable under one solution and be made available in two languages (English and French).

They needed a solution that could provide strong asset management capabilities as they had more than 1000 digital assets to manage for approximately 50 apartments in their ecosystem.

In addition, beyond the need of a responsive site to be accessed on all modern devices, Glam à Paris wanted to offer to its customers the best user experience, particularly in search of apartments.

Pimcore Solution

Through a consultation from Agence digitale SENZO, they were advised to utilize Pimcore as a professional and scalable solution with a powerful native asset management functionality. Using Pimcore, they were able to create a global site for both tenants and owners that included a multi-site solution for the management of specific tenant pages, those dedicated to owners, and common pages for both two sites. They also implemented a multi-lingual interface including English and French.

They also tailored the administration of apartment sheets in Pimcore’s back-end including a photo gallery (with labels management), PDF datasheet linking, description, facilities checklist, points of interest around the apartment, reviews and availabilities.

Finally, a customized dynamic search engine was developed with AngularJS to enhance the user experience. By clicking on tailored Paris maps or by searching with filters, the user can refine its search very easily and the list of apartments corresponding to its filtering will appear live on the page with no re-charging necessary.

Business Results

The result was a harmonious and coherent tailored website, entirely manageable from the Pimcore back-end. It included a color code to better visually distinguish each universe using the ergonomics Pimcore back-end, native asset management, and custom apartments sheets.

The new and improved website enhanced their business as it made it easier for renters to promote their listing on a user-friendly interface. It also made it easier for renters to find a suitable apartment to rent which increased the numbers of bookings being made.

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