Engineered a Multi-user Digital Solution for Kringle Society

The client is an individual who deals with a virtual currency called Kringle. He uses virtual currency while making financial transactions with his merchants, partners, customers, agencies, and others.

The client wanted to develop a web portal and mobile app that allow him to manage 30K+ merchants from a single platform. He wanted to build a web platform where the client manages multiple merchants. Marchants handles their millions of product data through the web solution. The purpose of developing the mobile app is to enable the merchants with their own mobile app (with little customization) where they can promote their products.

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Management of 30+ merchants product information

The client is connected with 30K+ merchants. He wanted to develop a web portal and a mobile app for his merchants. He wanted to allow them to manage all the products in a web portal and display these products to the end-users through a mobile app. He wanted to develop a mobile app that the merchants can reuse with basic customization to promote their products.

Implemented a multiuser solution for Kringle Society

Credencys utilized the Product Information Management & Digital Asset Management frameworks of Pimcore. The client manages a huge volume of product data and media assets seamlessly in a single location by achieving high performance at the same time. The web portal manages all the merchants’ data along with the product information they want to promote. The client adds & manages any number of merchants. We developed a mobile application for the client. The client allows its merchants to reuse the app with little customization and launch it on Google Play Store & Apple’s App Store. We established a seamless connection between the web portal & mobile app that allows merchants to manage product information in the web portal and display the same product data on the mobile app. Key features of the project are multi-user management, product data management, digital asset management, product catalog management, mobile app development, data synchronization, blog management, & push notifications

Increased revenue stream

The client allows its merchants to register with the web portal and reuse the mobile app by charging a certain amount. Thus, the more merchants want to register with the web portal and use the mobile app, the more revenue the client will earn.

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