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Development and formulation of pesticides or their production, registration and distribution: With four business units of plant protection & distribution, tolling, biocides, and in-house biologicals, Kwizda Agro is the partner for innovative plant protection.

With Pimcore we have found the perfect solution for the high legal standards and the great number of data records for Kwizda Agro GmbH. Pimcore provides the base for several great digital projects like websites, microsites and the generation of product datasheets.

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11.000 records and 9 websites

The challenge was to provide around 11.000 data records for their different websites, microsites and data sheets while maintaining a high level of legal standards of the respective countries for certain products. Furthermore, designated products should be displayed on separate websites, which should be able to be done without any further technical help from us.

PIM, DAM, MDM and CMS for the win

At first, it was necessary to process the data records with PIM and provide the data for several different channels like different websites, microsites and data sheets, as well as managing exports and imports of data. Next up, we launched the new website of kwizda-agro.at with DAM and CMS, relaunched the .com-website on the basis of the .at-website and the website of kwizda.hu on the same concept with different products. Since the Kwizda-Agro GmbH needed the opportunity to display certain products on a different website, we created a microsite concept with DAM and CMS which they can create and edit without further help. Based on the microsite concept we relaunched kwizda-agro.com. The Romanian Kwizda Agro uses Pimcore as a PIM system and provides the data for their external website.

Websites, microsite concept, data sheets and happy customers

Pimcore made it possible to process all data and provide it to several channels like websites, microsites and datasheets.2018 we launched kwizda-agro.at and 2019 the relaunch of kwizda-agro.com and kwizda-agro.hu with the concept of kwizda-agro.at. Subsequently, the microsite concept was developed and multiple microsites like xilon-protect.com and trico-repellent.cu were launched. The advantage of multiple websites and microsites from Pimcore: All sites are delivered from a Pimcore installation. Therefore content, elements and data can be shared on every channel. In October 2021 we relaunched the website of kwizda-agro.com for the second time, but this time on the basis of the microsite concept. The Romanian kwizda Agro uses Pimcore PIM successfully and displays the data on an external website. Pimcore is using the synergies between different countries and business units effectively and therefore is reducing the time-to-market, as well as the overall costs.

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