Significant Process Optimizations for Markus Hans Group

Four independent companies belong to the Markus Hans Group: Berndorf Luzern AG, Victor Meyer AG, KREAVITA home design AG and Hupfer Schweiz AG. They are active on the Swiss market as wholesalers of tableware, cutlery, household goods and catering products with a selected range. The four companies have common target groups, but for each company and each brand, separate product information and media stocks have to be organized, which are communicated on specific online and print channels. Coordinating the marketing activities has therefore been a time-consuming task so far.

Business Needs

The Markus Hans Group has recognised the opportunities offered by digitisation and sees great potential in the system-supported optimisation of workflows and publication processes. In order to be prepared for the future, the workflow is to be improved and production steps automated. The aim is to shorten the time-to-market and use internal resources in a targeted and efficient manner.

Pimcore Solution

On the basis of Pimcore, Brunner Medien created a new corporate website with an optimized approach to the target groups. With the Pimcore module DAM all media assets of the Markus Hans Group were combined in a media database. They can now be managed centrally. With the PIM module, all data from the existing ERP can be stored in PIM and enriched with marketing information, translations, product variants and features. In addition, an image assignment of the supplier is possible. The data is always available for all four companies in the group. In the future, offers can be enriched with images, which represents a considerable added value for the customer. With the Pimcore catalog solution, catalogues will in future be fully or partially automatically produced from the media-neutral and centrally stored DAM/PIM information.

Business Results

Thanks to DAM, PIM and automated catalogue production, the effort for the Markus Hans Group marketing crew is significantly reduced. In addition, the platform can be expanded into a B2B commerce system with web shops and the image database will be externally accessible for retailers. The website of the corporate group and the website of Berndorf Luzern AG have been redesigned and now present the aesthetic products on a large scale. The websites of the other three companies will also be redesigned with Pimcore.

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