Extensive Product Data Centrally Managed and Presented in a Customized Way

Scienta Omicron is a leading innovator in surface science and nanotechnology that provides top capabilities in electron spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and thin film deposition, all in ultra-high vacuum (UHV). For the relaunch and the redesign of its internet presence, Scienta Omicron relied on the Pimcore know-how of Intera.

The focus was on the central, user-friendly, and structured collection, maintenance, and presentation of comprehensive product data. Customized imports automated the transfer of extensive inventory data, which was automated by customized imports.

A clear, responsive design ensures a perfect fitting output of products and technologies at all devices. Thanks to the well-thought-out structure of the website, users can quickly find the relevant information. Intelligent searches such as the "Technology Finder" for products, systems, technologies, and the "Result Finder" for publications lead the user to the desired results quickly and in a targeted manner. Additional filters distinguish between products, downloads, specialist articles, and reference projects.

Pimcore as Power Tool for PIM, DAM and CMS

For the Pimcore Gold Partner Intera and Scienta Omicron, Pimcore proved to be the perfect solution. Data acquisition and maintenance via PIM, asset management thanks to DAM, and the creation and output of content and data with powerful CMS functions. Features, Pimcore already offers out of the box. Despite the range of features, this open-source software offers an easy start for users. Thus, Scienta Omicron was able to start importing product data and maintaining content at an early stage.

„The website project has been a real success and we are very happy and grateful for the work you did for us!“

Charles Bara, Web Editor & Marketing Coordinator at Scienta Omicron

Results and project workflow convince all parties involved

Due to the experience from numerous projects, Intera as Pimcore Gold Partner guarantees a high level of know-how and quality. Strengths are already reflected in a clear conceptual design and consulting competence before the start of implementation.

An organized structure and a focus on performance and usability guarantee high scalability and future-proofing from the very beginning. Results that convince and inspire Scienta Omicron.

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