Product storytelling meets flexible PIM system

Wiesner-Hager is a renowned furniture company specialized in office equipment and furniture solutions. 

The engaging presentation of products is the mayor purpose of Wiesner-Hager's corporate website. Therefore, a flexible way of managing the broad and versatile product portfolio via the PIM system was the base to enable inspiring product storytelling in the frontend.

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Product data management and information display

The previous digital touchpoint of Wiesner-Hager did not reach the intended conversion targets anymore. Moreover, the presentation of information and inspiration was not satisfying. In short, the customer journey was not able to fulfill the customers' needs. Also, the administration of the product data for marketing issues was very work-intensive. A PIM-System was the best way forward.
"The combination of modern web design and the PIM-functions of Pimcore has led to a tremendous improvement in the service quality and the product presentation of our new website. That meets our customers increasing need for information and reflects in rising inquiries. "
Franz Gurtner, Head of Marketing, Wiesner-Hager

Focus: Product

The frontend displays a balanced combination of information and inspiration. The clear and uncomplicated interface is designed for maximum usability. Highlights like emotional pictures and playful interactions guarantee customer engagement, yet never impede the core functions. The flexible PIM system operates in the background and allows the editor to individually connect products and product families. This saves time and enables the editor to focus on the product presentation.

A convincing product section

The product section displays the crucial information about the products and creates space for an emotional product presentation with inspiring pictures. Another highlight is the project section, where furniture solutions of past projects are presented. With an emotional imagery style these two areas display how, with Wiesner-Hager products, the user's vision can become reality.

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