WorldPronos is an international web-based sports match prediction platform.  All the weekly competitions serve as support to establish two different types of rankings (weekly and annual) between the players.

Business Needs

WorldPronos' main need was to create and develop a new web application that would merge two existing websites (Tunisian and Spanish) and enrich with 3 new language sites (France, Sweden and Korea) in a single solution. The Woldpronos web application needed to be developed in multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-country with management of time zones as their services were expanding internationally. In order to keep up with the international market demand, they needed to develop this new global framework very quickly.

Pimcore Solution

Through consultation from Agence Digitale SENZO, WorldPronos chose Pimcore to create their new web application. In order to respond to the international evolution and the opening of games to new countries, the Woldpronos web application was developed in multi-language, multi-currency, multi-country with time zone management. From the Back-Office administration, an operator can add countries, languages, and configure all aspects internationally in a completely autonomous way.

A fast application was created by using the core cache capability of Pimcore (Redis connector), and using the ergonomics Pimcore back-end, user roles for each country could be used to handle the management of each country (customers, championships, teams, etc.).

Finally,to complement this international problem, each site-site has different themes and features that are specific to them. All of this is able to be managed in one single source within the Pimcore platform.

Business Results

The project was easy and efficient to develop with Pimcore and after completing it, it was clear Pimcore was the best choice possible. The development was accelerated which allowed the developers to concentrate on the front-end part to provide the most advanced website functionality for the users of Worldpronos.

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